Friday, March 18, 2011

Fairies Maisie & Maya

Today Maisie’s classmate Maya came for a play date. 

IMG_5577Maisie was beyond excited and waited patiently, or as patiently as a five year old can, at the front door for Maya’s arrival.

IMG_5587As soon as Maya arrived they retreated to Maisie’s bedroom and the hugging began. 

IMG_5592They looked at books together.

IMG_5596And like little teenagers played up on the bed and checked themselves out in the mirror.

IMG_5602They then transformed into fairies and they flitted around playing and having fun. 

IMG_5607Even fairies get hungry and shrimp and dumplings at the Chinese buffet was what they desired.  The girls were so cute in the restaurant wearing their wings, they received lots of smiles and sweet comments.

IMG_5613The fairy girls were great eaters, very well behaved and of course a bit silly too.

IMG_5621After lunch the fairies hit the candy store and they were so excited picking out their favorites.

IMG_5629Once back at the house the wings came off as the girls “camped” out in a closet.

IMG_5636Then they sprinkled themselves with fairy dust and flew through the house giggling all the way.

Much to the girl’s chagrin the play date had to end as Maisie had to go to her gymnastics practice.   It was a fun day and both girls are excited and looking forward to their next play date.  Thankfully they don’t have long to wait as they’re getting together tomorrow for a some more fun time and activities together.


  1. What a perfect, girly afternoon. Makes me want to be a kid again.

  2. Oh my, what an awesome play date! I know for SURE that Rachel would love to play with Maisie in her beautiful princess room. :) By the way, Maisie is looking just more and more gorgeous. Wow!


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