Sunday, March 13, 2011

Awesome quarter!

Thursday afternoon Maisie brought home her mid-semester report card and Miss. Lisa’s comments sum it up, Maisie had an awesome quarter!!

IMG_5545a IMG_5543aI am pleased beyond words that Maisie is doing so well in school but what really makes me happy is that she absolutely LOVES school, her classmates, Miss. Lisa and learning.  It’s crazy that at home she’d rather play school or do a workbook than play with toys.  I’m thrilled that Maisie is so happy, well adjusted, finds it all easy and is excelling.  But then again, she is the A’Maisie’ng Maisie Miao Miao, gotta love her!

IMG_5523What she is NOT amazing at though is sleeping!  Last week Maisie was go-go-go and busy all week and then Friday afternoon she did three hours of conditioning at the gym so she should have been one tired little girl.  Friday night she went to bed at normal time but then awoke at 3am and had no intentions of going back to sleep.  Since I had promised to make dinner for one of her coaches who broke her leg, I figured it was a good way to get an early start.  At 4am Maisie took her bath and at 5am we went out grocery shopping.  Before 11am I had made Caribbean clam chowder, hearty beef curry, oven roasted broccoli, apple cake and no-added sugar cranberry almond biscotti.  All I had remaining to make was the Jasmine rice and I’d be ready to deliver after we returned home in the afternoon. 

At 11am Maisie and I headed out to see best pal K perform in The Music Man.  The children did a wonderful job but about half way through the performance the lack of sleep caught up with little Maisie and she was stick-a-fork-in-her-done!!  She did make it through to the end of the musical but there was no hanging around to congratulate or wait on K as all Maisie wanted to do was to get in bed.  Maisie was complaining that her stomach hurt and she wanted the heat bag so once home I quickly heated it and within minutes of walking in the door she was wrapped around the heat bag and  O.U.T!!!  She slept for a few hours and I worried that it would be another rough night but thankfully she awoke for just over 1.5 hours and then since I was exhausted and in bed early, she crawled in with me and was fast asleep before 8PM.  We both actually had a good nights rest and with setting the clock ahead we awoke this morning at a more “normal” hour of 8am.

photo2This morning Maisie and I met up with Judy at The Cheesecake Factory for brunch which was fun and filling.  Even though Eammon didn’t join us he still benefitted as he got lots of leftovers from the “portions for giants” along with a piece of cheese cake which I brought home just for him.   

This afternoon Maisie and I had planned to make Leprechaun hat cookies for her class.  We were going to do them similar to the Pilgrim hats that we made for Thanksgiving but this time with giant marshmallows, chocolate chip cookies and white chocolate which we tinted green. 

IMG_5527Maisie did a great job of tinting the white chocolate green.

IMG_5531She taste tested the marshmallows to make sure that they passed her high standards.

IMG_5532But then it just didn’t work.  We made two hats and they just looked…well…wonky.  So I grabbed some green decorating sugar, we frosted the cookies with the tinted white chocolate and made them as pretty as we could and called it a day.  Maybe next year for St. Patrick’s day I’ll be more motivated and/or less tired and do something more creative for her class.  I know that the children will still enjoy the decorated cookies…hey chocolate and sugar is chocolate and sugar!


  1. Way to go Maisie! Love the little hats.

  2. Where to start? Love everything. Cheesecake factory. Next time take me along. Treats! Wow. You rock. REPORT CARD!!!! FAB. U. LOUS. U are so cool Maise.

  3. Girl, you are CRAZY. Maisie was up at 3 AM so you decided to cook??? I don't think I could cook at 3 AM even at gun point! You are made of something more than me. LOL!

    Sounds like you and Maisie had a fabulous weekend. Love the green cookies!

  4. Way to go Maisie!!! It's even better that she's enjoying school so much.

    I have a weird theory about Friday night as Hannah was wide awake from 2am to 4:30am as well. I wonder if some of it was to do with the changes in the world's atmosphere because of the earthquakes and tsunami in Japan? Call me crazy but you and I don't seem to be alone in having kiddos who were wide awake in the middle of the night.

    This mama was not about cooking though. I turned on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for her to watch while dozed in bed beside her.

    Fun St. Patrick's day cookies. I might give something like this a try with Hannah tonight as we're going to her grandparent's for supper on St. Patrick's Day.

    Hope you're having a great week!

  5. Jeanne8:34 PM

    Well done Maisie on your report card what a STAR. Love the leprachaun hats, they would have been great. Have you started on the garden yet, just beginning to warm up enough in the UK to think about sowing our veggies. (As I mentioned before we don`t live too far from Watford)


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