Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The water cycle presentation

IMG_4196Today, Maisie’s school science project was to have a diorama and do a presentation on the water cycle.  She of course was very excited to do another presentation as she loved doing her social studies Abe Lincoln presentation so she was a happy and excited girl today. 

Last Friday she and I worked on her diorama, we discussed the water cycle, decided what she wanted and needed to show and we drew out a plan.  Maisie then did almost all the cutting, coloring, gluing and labeling and I helped by stringing the “rain” beads.  We then decided that a song would be a good way to do the presentation so I did a bit of looking around on the internet to see what others had done.  While I was surfing I was on the phone with my friend Judy so we were chatting about it and she thought that putting the words to Pop-Goes-the-Weasel would work so she and I brainstormed a bit and worked out Maisie’s presentation.  Thanks Judy for your help!

Maisie presenting her diorama and the water cycle song.

As I said, Maisie was very excited to do her presentation and when the class was asked who would like to go first, Maisie was the first to jump up and yell ME!!  So from last the previous time to first this time.

IMG_4217Once again Maisie kicked booty with her presentation, way to go Maisie Miao Miao!!

Maisie has a spelling test tomorrow and then her class is making a special Thanksgiving lunch.  She doesn’t have school on Fridays and then she’s off for Thanksgiving week, she then returns for four days of school before she and I head off to Aruba and then by the time we return it’s Christmas break so she won’t return to school until classes resume in January!  Hard to believe that she only has five classroom days of school left in 2010, the year has seemed to fly by.


  1. Miss Lila9:51 PM

    Ahh, that was just darling! She has the sweetest little voice and the biggest smile!!
    Thank you, Maisie

    Miss Lila in Atlanta

  2. That presentation was just as cute as cute can be!

  3. Such a darling, smart little girl Maisie is! And what a lucky girl she is too, to have such wonderful, involved and devoted parents.

  4. Wow, what a great presentation! Go Maisie!!!


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