Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Port of Call ~ Cádiz

After our day in Funchal and another (thankfully our last) night of turning our clocks forward an hour, we enjoyed a "down" day at sea followed by our next port of call, Cádiz. Cádiz is a very historic city and is quite small so I planned to do a walking tour just taking in the sites with one place of interest which I wanted to go into, the Torre Tavira Camera Obscura.

Cádiz is a lovely walking city and it's made extra easy in that there are different walking tours depending on your interests and all you need to do is follow the correct colored lines on the pavement and sidewalks so you're never lost. The city has absolutely lovely narrow streets, wonderful shopping areas and a beautiful covered food market area.

IMG_0656  A The Plaza de España was close to the port and it's dominated by the Monument to the Constitution of 1812.

IMG_0657  B Maisie in front of part of the lower portion of the monument.

IMG_0663  C El Arco de la Rosa (The Rose Arch) is the old gate carved into the walls of medieval Cádiz next to the cathedral. The walls and the gate were built during the reign of Alfonso X. The gate is named after Captain Gaspar de la Rosa, who lived in the City in the 18th Century.

IMG_0664  D The Cathedral in Plaza de la Catedral. This is one of Cádiz's most famous landmarks and it sits on the site of an older cathedral which was completed in 1260 but then burned down in 1596. The reconstruction was not started until 1776 and was supervised by the architect Vicente Acero who ended up leaving the project and was succeeded by several other architects so as a result, the largely baroque-style cathedral was built over a period of 116 years and due to the drawn-out period of construction, the cathedral underwent several major changes to its original design. The cathedral was originally intended to be a baroque edifice, it contains rococo elements, and was finally completed in the neoclassical style.

IMG_0676  EIMG_0677  FIMG_0678  G Three views from the observation deck of the Torre Tavira.

IMG_0658  H Ayuntamiento ~ City Hall

IMG_0670  I Just a lovely tree in a little city square.

IMG_0674  J I loved walking through the beautiful narrow streets.

IMG_0661  K Especially the empty ones!

Once again, previously posted pictures of Maisie and how we ended our day in Cádiz.

Untitled 0 00 07-25  L Maisie sound asleep again at dinner. She slept for about 40 minutes but did end up eating a good meal.

IMG_0680  M Maisie before bedtime with her animal towel.

Next post, Port of Call ~ Gibraltar.


  1. Another beautiful day of exploring with your beautiful little girl! It's funny how tuckered out she is each night after a great day with mommy.

    Where did you find her fun dress with the Mickey skirt? So cute!

  2. Dang you saw some seriously gorgeous places!!

    Huge hugs to two of my favorite world travelers.

  3. I am so jealous. I love all the elements of style in buildings....one of my favorite things to study!

    Love the sleeping pictures! That is what I would be doing too!

  4. Your photos are amazing! The colors are so wonderful. Makes me want to be out and about and away from Hotlanta. Maisie manages to look so tiny next to the monument and then look like a bed girl on the bed!! Funny how prespective changes things.


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