Thursday, May 13, 2010

Last day of Kindergarten

Today was Maisie's last day of kindergarten and look how much she has grown since her first day picture back in August, she must be at least a good 2-inches taller! Not only has she grown physically but oh how she's matured over the past 9 months. Maisie is so much more confident, poised, self-aware, interactive and holds her own with her 6-year-old classmates. Maisie has had a wonderful year in Kindergarten emotionally, socially and academically and is now very excited to be going to first grade come August. One of the most exciting things for Maisie about going to first grade is, that she'll have her own desk as opposed to the shared tables in the Kindergarten classroom. Maisie has loved her teacher Miss. Nancy and says that she'll miss her but is looking forward to Miss. Lisa's class and being with all her "students" (what Maisie calls her classmates).

In the three weeks since we returned from our cruise we've been keeping busy. The first week back Maisie of course returned to her gymnastics practices which are longer and more intense than before, now being 3-hours long, twice a week. Maisie's school also did a field trip to Stone Mountain and I was one of the chaperons which was fun but I don't think that the Kindergartners got oh-too much out of the whole experience other than a fun day out. Maisie also returned to her Friday swimming lessons and Miss. Rosemary said she didn't lose a thing in the weeks we had been away and in fact Maisie is doing even better than when she was last there.

During our second week back I celebrated my birthday which was good fun but Maisie was upset that there was no party or cake so the following day when we got together with friends whom we hadn't seen in ages, we had an ice cream cake for dessert which made my girl happy. Thank you to everyone who sent along birthday wishes, it was a good day. Mother's day was a nice day too, relaxing and spending it with friends, sharing a good meal, a perfect day.

This week has been busy with end of school activities and also getting Maisie set up with her summer schedule. On Wednesday Maisie participated in field day and she had a blast! I knew that there were going to be water activities as I was asked to send in a change of clothes and judging by how wet her original clothes were and her excitement in the car telling me all about it, I'd have to say the water activities were the hit of the day. Today for her last day of school they got to see a movie so for her and all her classmates I packed goody bags of popcorn, circus peanuts, jelly beans, gummy worms & red twizzlers as well as a juice box. Maisie said that they all enjoyed the treats but I sure hope that their parents don't hate me too much for sugaring them up.

Also going on these past three weeks (well actually a lot longer but most recently) is that I have been spending more time than anyone should at doctors & labs as I am having some ongoing medical issues. Between wonky blood tests, anemia, extremely low blood pressure (high of 80/40) and pulse rate (between 35-45) as well as stomach issues and insomnia, finding the energy to get out of bed and through each day has been a bit of a challenge. So any good wishes, prayers and thoughts are much appreciated.

Maisie and I have some time "off" together as public schools don't let out for another week and Maisie's summer activities don't really start until the week of June 7th so hopefully we'll have some fun times. I know that Maisie is looking forward to our pool opening and hopefully the warm weather we've been enjoying will stay with us so that the water will be nice and warm otherwise the girl is going in on her own!

My camera is back in the shop, not sure what's going on with it but hopefully I'll have it back soon and then I can fill the blog with Maisie piccies!


  1. Oh no, Lisa - I'm sorry about your health concerns. Clearly I can identify, as I've been walking around trying NOT to have a heart attack for the last two weeks. The uncertainty of it all is very stressful, I know. (Luckily I got good news yesterday; I'm totally fine and my doc will explain everything to me at an appointment this afternoon.) My fingers are crossed that your health issues are quickly sorted out so that you can go back to not worrying about that sort of thing. Hugs!

    So good to hear that Maisie is very excited about first grade next year. She looked darling on her first and last day of Kindergarten.

  2. Oh my gosh - Maisie has gotten taller! She is growing up so fast. Today was Bri's last day of 3 year preschool. Sniff. The time sure does fly, doesn't it?

    I'm so sorry that you are still battling illness. I'm sending you some prayers.

    I'm going on vacation to the beach on Saturday and I'll be back Wednesday night. I'll catch up with you when I get back! Hang in there!

  3. I just can't get over that she will starting the 1st grade - where does the time go?!
    Hope you had a wonderful birthday and sorry to hear you are going through SEVERAL medical things :0(

  4. I loved the whole post, but I am going for the meat of the issue...your health. Lisa, I am worried. All that weight and all the low blood pressure issues, etc have to have a reason. Tell the doctors I said that they better get it together and figure out what is wrong. Seriously!

    Love you and sending best wishes.

  5. Lisa, I can't believe how much Maisie has grown this year! She is such a cutie. And what a schedule she has! Your post reminded me that I MUST look into finding swimming lessons for Rachel.

    I'm also concerned about your health issues. Your blood pressure and pulse rates sound really concerning. I hope they get you to a cardiologist. I'm sorry you are having to go through all of this. You know I know all about having way too many visits with doctors and labs. Hopefully they figure things out quickly!

  6. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Very cute pix - I love the ones I have of the first and last day of school each year - what a difference!

    Just curious - how is Maisie able to miss so much school? Our private school has an attendance requirement - even in kdg. Not a criticism, just curious.


  7. Okay, I'm totally stealing your idea of wearing the same outfit on the first and last day of each year!

    (you're really much too clever!)

    Maisie is so adorable and she really does look a whole year older and wiser!


    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  8. Maisie is adorable! I didn't know children could start kindergarten so early. Is it because of being in private school?

    I hope you feel better soon!


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