Monday, April 05, 2010

Week in review and Maisie busts some moves

I can't believe that an entire week has passed since my last post, the days have just flown by. It was a rough week for me, between suffering with insomnia and the pollen, I'm just exhausted, stuffy and a bit cranky. The pollen count today hit 1633, just obscenely high and it is causing Maisie's poor little nose to run like a faucet even with her allergy meds and twice daily nasal spray.

Last week Maisie had a busy week at school between an Easter party and the teacher getting everyone organized and ready for spring break. Maisie now won't be back to school for three weeks as she has one week of spring break and then we're off on our cruise for two weeks. Holy cannoli we set sail in just five days and I still have major packing to do!!

I found this funny, on Sunday I was speaking with my Mom and I told her that logistically, for both Maisie and I combined, I could only bring one large suitcase which I'll check on the flight home from Barcelona and one carry-on. This is because I am bringing Maisie's stroller and I'm thinking that if we're in the airport (we have a layover in NYC between Barcelona & Orlando) and she's tired and needs to be in the stroller, I will only have one free hand so I figure that I can stack the carry-on on top of the large rolling suitcase and easily manage. So I was saying that I'm generally a good packer and always travel carry-on only but because of all the pouffy princess dresses things are quite bulky and I don't want to wrangle two carry-on bags. So my Mom asked if I really needed to bring all those pouffy dresses for Maisie. All I could think about was that 'silly rabbit, Trix are for kids' commercial. Silly Mama, it's a Disney princess cruise of course we need big pouffy princess dresses, tiaras, lots of bling and multiple fancy shoes with heels so checking one bag it is.

Maisie and I made some cute little bunny cookies for her class Easter party on Thursday and all the children enjoyed eating them while wearing cute little bunny ears.

It was a fun little party as we decorated foam Easter eggs, ate bunny cookies, had an Easter egg hunt and played outside on a beautiful sunny day.

Friday was another gorgeous, warm and sunny day so Steve (K & A's dad) and I got our garden started...or more precisely got our seeds started. Steve set up a nifty table on my deck with an adjustable rack so that we can cover our seedlings at night if the temperature drops. If even one quarter of our seeds sprout we will have quite the veggie garden. I've never bothered to start a garden from seed so it's exciting to be doing it from the beginning and hopefully everything will sprout and transplant well.

Maisie is really growing up and we can't get much past her any more. I do love that she's growing up but I am going to miss some of the cute toddler things.

* Friday night we were in the car going out for dinner and I was saying to Eammon that "she was n.a.u.g.h.t.y at n.a.p.t.i.m.e" to which Maisie immediately responded, "I was naughty because I played and wanted to skip nap." Needless to say, her spelling and sounding out of words is getting quite good and it's difficult to say things without her understanding us.

* Maisie really has wonderful diction and enunciation but there are two words which she doesn't have quite right. The first is bun-it (button) and the second is ton-cat lens (contact lens) Each time she says them I smile and I think I'm going to miss these little Maisie-isms once she starts saying them correctly

Sunday morning Maisie ate the breakfast of champions, a nice big chocolate Easter bunny. To say that she was thrilled to eat chocolate for brekkie is an understatement.

Here she is, my cute little bunny doing a one handed bunny sign. I went back to last years Easter post to see a picture of her last year and the previous year and it just amazes me how she's grown.

Today was our first day of spring break and after a lot of running around this morning we spent the late afternoon at home and out of the pollen. Maisie was just having a blast practicing her gymnastics and when I saw her do what is the first stunt in the video, I knew I had to grab my camera and get it on video. I have zero athletic ability so what she's capable of doing and at such a young age, just amazes me.

I want to send out a big, huge THANK YOU to everyone who has supported Maisie and ordered sheet sets. I'm humbled by the response and especially the lurkers who have emailed and ordered sets, thank you, thank you!! If anyone is still interested in ordering luxury 100% Egyptian cotton 1200 thread count sheet sets, I am placing the order this Wednesday night so please contact me at to place your order before the deadline.


  1. Anonymous11:04 PM

    Too cute! Have a wonderful trip!

  2. Love the video -- Maisie is so good!! And the chocolate bunny for breakfast is the best. Ahhhh.

  3. Maisie and Linlee had the same breakfast yesterday.LOL!

    Maisie looks so tiny compared to her classmates. Are they all about the same age?

    Your bunny cookies were adorable!

  4. So Maisie eats the ears off her bunny first? It reminds me of a cartoon I saw where one chocolate bunny (with half of his bottom missing) says "My butt hurts" and the other (with his ears missing) says "What?"


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