Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Princess Maisie and her nightly towels

Maisie and I spent an extra day in Florida with my parents, getting a little extra sleep after our long journey and allowing me enough rest so that I could drive the 7-1/2 hours back to Atlanta. Our luggage was thankfully found and delivered to my parents home at 1:30am Monday, which was good as we were able to take it with us when we set off about 8 hours later. It felt great to finally pull into our driveway Monday night as we received a warm welcome home from our neighbors and lots of hugs and kisses from Eammon. Also wonderful was to all be home together and sleep in our own bed.

Our network has been down since before our arrival home and Eammon just now got it partially up, thus I haven't been able to post until tonight. As it's already late and we have to be up early tomorrow for a school field trip, which I'm chaperoning, I'm just going to put up pictures of Maisie with her nightly towel animal. Our room steward Aldo, always had the animal made, chocolate on the bed and the room ready by the time we finished dinner so Maisie was always still in her dinner dress when I took her picture. Notice the ever present tiara as Maisie just loved being a little princess. On the night after we toured in Gibraltar we returned to the ship right before dinner so I suggested to Maisie that we just go and eat in the clothes we were wearing but she wanted no part of that and told me that she had to wear her fancy dress, heels and tiara otherwise no one would know to call her Princess! She was a funny and adorable little girl.

IMG_0159n1 Night #1

IMG_0240n2 Night #2

IMG_0249n3 Night #3

IMG_0283n4 Night #4

IMG_0335n5 Night #5

IMG_0355n6 Night #6

IMG_0361n7 Night #7

IMG_0363n8 Night #8

IMG_0647n9Night #9

IMG_0655n10 Night #10

IMG_0680n11 Night #11

IMG_0796n12 Night #12

IMG_0800n12a Maisie wanted to save all the towel animals so we kept them lined up along the back of the sofa.

IMG_0809n13 Night #13

IMG_0881n14 Night #14, our final night :-(

Maisie already misses the nightly animals, the pillow chocolates and our nightly ritual of having hot chocolate (her) and peppermint tea (me) before going to sleep...Oh well, back to our real life. I now have to finish sorting through the 500+ pictures and videos so more to come over the next few days.


  1. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Welcome back home. Glad you all made it home safely. I've experienced one of those mid-night luggage arrivals before. Glad it was the mid-night before you left and not afterwards.


  2. Baba loved all the snuggles he got when you both came back.


  3. No wonder you couldn't go carry-on this trip. Look at all those dresses and shoes! :)


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