Thursday, November 12, 2009

My sweet sleeping angel

After school today Maisie took a nap and looked so sweet I just had to snap a piccie. I love how she nestled herself on top of the down comforter and covered herself with a pillow, just tucked in oh-so-sweet.

* Recently, sleep for Maisie has been better as she's mostly sleeping through the night and has been free of night terrors. In addition, most days she's been taking a nap and trust me when I say, that added hour of sleep improves both our moods. The solution for the time being has been to allow Maisie to sleep in bed with me at night as well as take her nap or quiet time there too. Unfortunately none of us sleep well if all three of us are in bed together so poor Eammon has been sleeping in the guest room, which needs to end soon. Since Maisie and I will be away all of December and she'll be sleeping with me then, we figured that there's no point in trying to transition her back to her own bed at this point but after the first of the year it's something that we're going to have to work on. I on the other hand have been experiencing a bout of insomnia so it's nice that when I do finally fall asleep she's not waking up screaming thus interrupting what little sleep I do get.

* Maisie's schedule has eased up a bit as I've pulled her from ballet. Maisie's been resisting going to ballet for a number of weeks but I've sort of forced the issue. Each time after class she'd go on and on about how much fun it was and how much she enjoyed the class but the following week she wouldn't want to go again. I'm not sure why she's decided that she doesn't want to attend any longer and hopefully in the future she'll decided to start up again but for now her schedule is pretty busy and an additional afternoon off is probably a good thing.

* This past weekend I cleaned all the summer clothing out of my closet and every item either went into the Goodwill pile or I packed it for Aruba. Here I am, just over three weeks until we fly out and I'm already fully packed! Twenty-three sleeps until Maisie and I are wiggling our toes in the warm Arubian sand...not that I'm counting or anything!

* Do not buy this item as they're totally addictive! All I can say is that I'm glad the bag is finished and they'll never be allowed back in this house again.

* This item and this one too are totally delish and I've stocked the house with extra boxes as they're only available this time of year so hurry, go get some while you can. (I found them locally at Walmart)

* I can't believe that Thanksgiving is only two weeks from today, where has this year gone?? Other than being packed for Aruba I'm so unprepared for the remainder of the year. I have nothing planned for our Thanksgiving meal nor have I started getting meals ready for Eammon for when Maisie and I are away. I need to get myself organized too as once Maisie and I return from Aruba we're home for only four days before we fly out again...OY, my head is spinning! I just purchased a couple of small Christmas pressies for Maisie that I can easily pack and take with us for our Christmas in London but that's all the holiday shopping I've done. Thankfully though during our brief four days home between trips I won't have to worry about getting everything washed immediately as we won't be taking any of our Aruba clothes on our England trip. On the other hand, I'm already dreading the amount of laundry that I know will await me once we return from that second my head is spinning even faster!

* Well, Maisie's sleeping soundly and it's time for me to get off the computer and try and get some sleep too. Ta for now.


  1. We are having the same sleep issues. More nights than not, Emi ends up in our bed.

    BTW, Emi also experiences night terrors. We've found a direct correlation between missing a nap and having a night terror. I will do *everything* within my power to get that nap to happen. No nap = no night terror. It's different for each child, but I wondered if you noticed the same thing (since you mentioned naps). Oh, and I hear ya - that hour or so break is good for both mama and child!

    Have a fab time in Aruba, what an adventure!

    Cheers, Kiy

  2. P.S. Meant to comment on the picture. What, what a beautiful one. A keeper for sure!

  3. Great picture!

    Wow, Aruba! Lucky you! I'd be counting the days too!

  4. I say whatever helps the entire house get the greatest amount of sleep is the plan that wins! With that said, Eammon is a lucky man...I wish someone would send me to the spare room!
    Maisie is as cute as ever. I want to chat before you leave for Aruba. I have another packed weekend...I need to call when I'm driving at work. Talk soon!

  5. She is so beautiful! I was so happy to read once again that we share issues. Today my son came and sat on my bed by me. Maylin said to him, "Get off the bed. Its mine and mommy's." The just got me. She really is attached to being there. I know it is for a reason, like you say. She tells me she just needs me or that she is afraid I will leave. Sometimes a good nights rest for all is the best. I agree with you!

  6. What a beauty!
    We also had a correlation between missed nap and night terrors with Rachel. She is just now getting to where she can routinely be nap-free and not have night terrors. We do still have rest time everyday, though.
    And yes! I'm going to get some of that tea!!! Yummy. I've been colder this winter than ever before. Maybe it will help.

  7. What a beautiful photo. She looks like a teen-ager in it, hard to believe. Thanks for sharing your story.

    Bailey :o)

  8. ahhh it's so nice when they're asleep isn't it?

    we also are having sleeping issues, but slowly working them out. It's tough though that's for sure!

    Take care you guys!

  9. What a sweet picture! Maisie looks like such a big girl! They grow much too fast!

  10. Yes...those chips are soooo good and Maisie also looks pretty yummy all cuddles up:)


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