Saturday, November 07, 2009

Gymnastics times two

This afternoon started with Maisie and her gymnastics teammates doing a little performance at an event at a local park. The girls were adorable (naturally!) and they did a good job. Sorry for the bad quality on the video, I need a new camera and hands that don't shake like an earthquake is happening but it's the best I have. It's a bit difficult to see but Maisie is the last girl to enter and does her skills without a partner. If you can hang on and watch through the trembles to the 2:45 mark, check out my girl's awesome back-bend-kick-over.

After the performance we headed over to the gym to celebrate K's 7th birthday. (K is in pink and silver standing directly behind Maisie) The party was great fun as even I took a turn on the trampoline! Oh yeah, the children had a good time too doing all the gymnastics activities. Before heading upstairs for pizza & cupcakes they all received their medals. It was a long, beautiful and fun day and spending it with friends and having Maisie doing what she loves the most was just perfect.


  1. Anonymous8:43 AM

    Great job maisie! Tess and I loved it!

  2. Great job! You are super cool! Maylin agrees.

  3. Wow!Great job!my little one has just completed her 7th week of gymnastics and loves it.

  4. Lisa- is Maisie doing Team Gymn? where there's 7 or so of them and they do floor, tumbimg, mini-tramp, and vault? That's what Tenley is doing (it's her first year on Team). Her next comp is at Disneyland in Jan- it would be so awesome if they were at the same comp!
    She did a great job- and her hip circles on the parallel bar were awesome too!!



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