Friday, May 08, 2009

Birthday day

Thank you to everyone for all the birthday wishes here on the blog, on FB and through emails and cards. Oh my gosh though, was my birthday day a long one!

* 2:11am I awoke to Maisie screaming because it was pissing down with rain with thunder and lightning and she was terrified. I got her and brought her into bed with me and Eammon moved to and slept in the Princess bed.

* 4:09am Maisie finally calmed down and fell back to sleep.

* 6:59am Maisie was up for the day and grumpy. Shoot I was grumpy too as we both needed a lot more sleep.

* 7:40am Maisie and Eammon give me my birthday card, a more positive way to start the day.

* 8:00am Maisie put in time-out, the first of many for the morning. I was hoping that wasn't a preview of what was to follow for the day.

* 9:10am I took Maisie to school and just hoped that she would have a good day and
would be well behaved (which she always is at school). I went on my way happily running errands in my awesome birthday pressie car.

* 1:00PM I picked Maisie up from school and she had a good morning there and was tired. I was hopeful that she'd take a good nap.

* 1:30PM Maisie was down for her nap and quiet. Tim the gardener showed up so I stepped outside to talk to him for a few minutes.

* 1:40PM I heard Maisie screaming in the house so I ran in to have her tell me that her arm hurt. She was holding it tight to her body and in obvious pain. I guessed that she somehow dislocated her elbow as she's done it twice before and the way she was holding her arm was just oh too familiar.

* 1:42PM I called the doctor only to reach the answering service. Found out that the office was closed for lunch but would reopen at 2PM.

* 1:50PM I got Maisie into the car and we headed down to the doctor without ever talking to them or letting them know we're coming.

* 2:05PM We arrived at the doctor's office and told the ladies at the front desk what was happening.

* 2:12PM We were taken back to an exam room where the doctor arrived in less than 2 minutes. She examined Maisie and because of where Maisie was saying it hurt, the doc decided to send us for an x-ray just to be sure her arm didn't have a fracture. While we were at the doc's office she also listened to Maisie's breathing and cough and put her back on an inhaler and some more and different allergy meds.

* 2:45PM We drove just down the road to the x-ray facility. Everyone was so good with Maisie, taking their time and working with her to get the necessary x-rays as any movement to her arm pushed her to tears. We had a STAT order and they said that the x-rays would be read and called into the doctor's office within an hour.

* 3:35PM We arrived back at the house to wait for a call from the doctor's office. Maisie just wanted me to hold her like you'd hold a baby so we settled on the sofa to wait.

* 3:50PM I heard the tow truck from Tommy Nobis picking up my Volvo so I held Maisie at the front door and we watched and said bye bye to the Volvo.

* 3:58PM The doctor's office called to let me know that there were no fractures (yeah) and they told me to bring Maisie back to the office so that the doc could pop her elbow back in place. I got Maisie back in the car and we headed over.

* 4:35PM We were driving home with Maisie's arm feeling perfect as it held the red Popsicle that the doctor gave her for being so brave and such a good patient.

* 4:45-7:00PM Maisie helped Tim plant herbs and veggies. Out in the garden we now have basil, cilantro, rosemary, thyme, early corn, lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, french beans, bell pepper, hot pepper, yellow squash, avocado, watermelon, some other types of melon and a fig tree. She then ran around feeling great with neighbors K & A. They ate Popsicles, played in the yard, the playhouse and on the climber & slides they had a great time together. Then so sweet, K & A's Mum came over with a birthday pressie for me, a signed copy of Giada's cookbook. LOVE it! I read through the entire book last night and can't wait to make some of the recipes.

* 7:00PM Eammon had asked me if I wanted to go out for dinner for my birthday but I really wasn't up for it and there was nothing that I was interested in eating. So he went out and picked up some Chinese food and brought it home. I tried just a couple of bites and it immediately didn't sit well and the nausea set in so I went to lay down. Eammon gave Maisie a bath and got her to bed by 8:00PM.

* 9:00PM I awoke feeling much better, thankful that the nausea had passed and that I had kept the food down. Eammon was tired so he headed off to bed and I settled down in the family room to relax and watch Survivor & Grey's Anatomy.

* 9:40PM Maisie awoke screaming from a bad dream. I got in bed with her to settle her down and thankfully she was back asleep within 15 minutes and I returned to my shows and also read my new cookbook.

* I didn't end up getting into bed until after midnight and thankfully Maisie didn't wake up until morning. Sort of a crazy day but thankfully Maisie's feeling 100% again.


  1. Aiyiyi, what a day...

    I'm thinking tomorrow will be a great day. :-]

    It cracked me up that Eammon slept in the princess bed, btw.

  2. Hello.

    I just read through your adoption process on Maisie's blog today, and I really enjoyed it for two reasons. One, I'm an adoptee, so hearing about your experience gave me a wonderful new perspective from my parents' side. Also, I have a baby girl who is close to the same age as Maisie was when you first got her. (It's also nice to see other people celebrate Gotcha Days!)

    Happy Birthday, by the way! I love your Bento blog, and it has been very entertaining to read Maisie's blog. Take care!

  3. Not sounding like the greatest day. Sorry, but at least it will be memorable.

  4. Poor Maisie...I bet she (and you) are tired of the elbow thing. I hope you enjoyed your shows at the end of the day. Maybe you can have a "Lisa make-up birthday" where you can relax a little more.

    Take care!!!

  5. Anonymous10:12 PM

    I stink. I missed your birthday!

    Sounds like it was a rough one. Hope you have a great weekend in our new ride!

  6. I have on my calender your birthday is on SUnday.... happy birthday today!!! Glad Ms M is not sporting a cast. Love your new prezzie.

  7. My goodness! I am tired just reading about your day. ;)

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy your new car - she's a beauty.

  8. Good grief! You did have quite a day! Wow!

    It is kind of sad seeing you Volvo towed away like that. Sniff. :)

  9. Happy Belated Birthday!!!!

    Just stopping by real quick to wish you a Happy Mothers Day :)

  10. Anonymous12:10 AM

    Wow -- I got tired just reading of your day. Happy Birthday and what an awesome birthday present :)

    Ilene, Michael and April


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