Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Twelve months of Maisie for the final post of 2008

Jan January found Maisie loving dress up clothes and all things pink, shiny and sparkly. Everyday would find little Miss Maisie wearing a different princess or fairy dress, fancy shoes, tiaras and beads all whilst dancing around and looking at herself in the mirror.

Feb In February I bought a good camera and I had so much fun taking pictures of my best little girl. This was also the month that Maisie started to love being in the kitchen with me and helping with the cooking. Or more correctly, she loved to help with baking and licking up all the sweet batters and dough.

March March was a month filled with play dates and friends. In addition, two big firsts happened in March: Maisie's first pee pee on the toilet and it was the first time I was able to leave her at Mother's Morning Out where she didn't cry for me not to leave.

April In April Maisie got a tricycle and her indoor trampoline. Everyday she wanted to go out and ride her bike and when she couldn't be outside she was found jumping, jumping, jumping. This was also the month where Maisie learned how to open all the doors in the house including the ones being held closed by hooks and eyes.

May May was the beginning of Maisie's fashionista attitude. She loved to dress up and pose for me and then loved looking at the pictures of herself on the computer. Maisie also got to ride on Thomas the Tank Engine, which was such a big hit with her and even to this day she still talks about her ride on Thomas.

June In June Maisie started on her Fireflies gymnastics team. This was also the month where she decided that she was done with diapers and in one weekend, without too much help from us, Maisie was toilet trained.

July July had Maisie in her glory. She attended gymnastics camp and for Maisie, the gym is the happiest place in the world. My highlight of the month was being able to get Maisie on film spelling her name. Even though she had been spelling her name as well as a few of other words for a couple of weeks, documenting it on film and having it forever was very special for me.

August August brought the beginning of Maisie's second year of Wee School. She also continued with her gymnastics practices and we were able to get together with lots of friends. Maisie also found a new reason to dress up and pretend play, her new favorite book, Fancy Nancy.

Sept All of a sudden in September Maisie decided that she liked more and greater varieties of foods. We had fun packing her bentos each day for school and I was so happy that she was finally eating many new and healthy foods. School and gymnastics practice filled most of our days but we still managed to see friends for fun play dates.

October Maisie turned three in October!! Where did the time go that my little girl was already three?? We partied, partied and partied. Maisie's true fashionita attitude totally came out and she wanted to wear special outfits every day. Maisie also received her team leotard which was pink and sparkly much to Maisie's delight.

November November was a difficult month with having both Eammon and I in and out of the hospital and away from her for so many days. Maisie was a real trooper with all that happened and was a very good girl for everyone who helped us out and watched over her.

December Most of December was spent on the beach in Aruba. She was a delight on the beach being a little social butterfly, making friends and pilfering snacks from everyone she met.

Maisie truly is a delight and watching her grow up and blossom over the course of the year was so much fun. Looking back and seeing how much she along with her interests have changed, just amazes me. I'm looking forward to all that 2009 will bring and watching my little girl grow and change for another year.

Happy New Year and may 2009 bring wonderful things to everyone.


  1. What a fun year in review this was! I loved hearing a recap of Maisie's year. She is so adorable and I can't wait to see what she is up to in 2009! Happy New Year!

  2. Love the recap! It is amazing how much Maisie has grown in a year! So adorable!

    Happy and HEALTHY New Year my friend! :)

  3. wow! Your beautiful little girl grew up so much and changed so much in one year. From a timid little one happiest by mommy's side to a girl who was potty trained, attending gymnastice, wee school and so much more!! It was great fun reading the recap of 2008 with your little girl.

  4. Great review!

    Happy New Year!

  5. Great pictures..I am amazed at how she has grown in a year..Hoping 2009 brings you GOOD health ALL year.
    Happy New Year

  6. Lisa,
    I can't believe how time has flown by. I remember reading your blog when you first got Maisie. She is a beautiful girl and I love her fashion sense. She is going to love looking back on all the photos you have taken. Have a Wonderful 2009.

  7. Happy New to say every month was terrific, well we could have done with out November for sure. I am sure you agree. I got to say, Maise looks darling every month. What a doll.

  8. Loved your year in review...Have followed your family journey since before you went to China and have loved seeing Maisie blossom each month. May 2009 bring more happiness and changes to a beautiful girl and her family... Linda

  9. Happy New year!! Wishing you health and happiness in 2009!!!

  10. Wow - I LOVE this post. It is amazing how much your little fashionista has grown.

    She has quickly become a beautiful young lady.

  11. Happy New Year...of Spain

    Alicia, mom of Beatriz and LĂșa Shu

    Wan Shu Xia born, 7/8/04 WanZhou.


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