Friday, December 05, 2008

The three R's

Rest, Relaxation and Recuperation!

* Up until last Sunday evening it was still highly doubtful as to if I would be healthy enough to board my flight for Aruba. Maisie and Eammon's head colds had diminished significantly and they were both feeling okay. My cold too had eased up but it had set me back in other ways leaving me physically drained and depleted raising concerns about my ability to travel.

* Thankfully a lot of rest and being very careful over the weekend pushed the odds of making the trip in my favor.

* The appeal of three weeks in the warm Arubian sun, on the beach, resting, relaxing and recuperating vs. the cold, laying in bed and recuperating in Atlanta also helped seal the deal so Aruba was a go!

* Monday morning ten minutes before we were to walk out of the house for the airport the airline called to inform us that our flight was running at least 1 1/2 hours late making our connecting flight (their one and only daily flight to Aruba) impossible to make. They asked if we could make an earlier flight out of Atlanta which was leaving in 55 minutes...yeah right as we were still at home!

* I asked what other airline they were going to book us on to make our flights and 20 minutes later we were booked on a direct flight leaving about an hour after our original flight time.

* Figuring we were up and ready to walk out the door we decided to just head to the airport figuring we'd have plenty of extra time as our new flight was now an hour+ later than we had planned. Thankfully we did go early as the airport was a zoo with the longest queues I've ever seen in my life. I think everyone thought if they waited until the Monday after Thanksgiving to travel everyone else would have already traveled, but no such luck.

* Since we had been bumped from one airline to another we couldn't do self check-in so 2 1/2 hours in the queue waiting to check in...oy!

* Thankfully security lines weren't too long and were moving along quickly...except all three of us were tagged for extra security checks! Maisie did get a kick out of putting her feet on the mat with the shoe prints and putting her arms out to be patted down, it was sort of funny. But come on...a three year old being tagged for a special security check, give me a break.

* We had an easy flight and Maisie was, as always, a great little traveler even taking a good little nap during the flight.

* Once we got into our room (which as you can see by the picture we have a lovely view) Eammon and I could have easily taken a nap but Maisie was bursting with energy as evidenced by the laps she was running around the room also she was excited beyond belief to get into the swimming pool so Eammon and I sucked it up and we all went to the pool.

* Maisie loves the zero entry pool and also the large, wide ledge that runs the length so that she can swim (hand walk and kick) the entire length.

* Where we are staying for our first five nights on island, the beach has really small waves so Maisie is able to easily play at the water's edge and run in and out a bit without concerns of her being knocked over by a wave.

* Maisie finds great delight in knocking down the sand castles that Eammon so loving builds over and over for her.

* Maisie and I still have a bit of our colds remaining but unlike me, the girl has energy to spare.

* In years past, my usual day in Aruba was to be on the beach by 9ish and other than a quick break for lunch I'd be there until dinner time dividing my day between being in the water, chatting with friends or hanging out under the chickie. So far this trip, after an hour or two being out in the morning I'm ready to join Maisie in the room for a nap and then an hour out in the afternoon and I'm done for the day.

* Even though it's warm and sunny I've barely made it into the water as I can't seem to warm up after being wet. It took four days before I even dipped my toes into the ocean! Each day though I'm gaining energy and in fact, last night for first time in weeks, I stayed up later than Maisie at bedtime!!

More piccies and better stories of vacation days in my next post.


  1. SO happy you were able to go on your trip! I know it's an annual tradition that you look forward to all year long. Looks like your girlie loves it too.

    Happy to hear you're all on the mend. Take care friend.

    Sun, beach, relaxation, sleep and toddler snuggles...yup, the best recipe evah for getting better!

  2. Have a wonderful time Lisa!! Rest and relax and get better in the warm Aruba sun. Ahhhhhh.

  3. I am so glad to read that you are getting the rest and relaxation you need to heal! Keep soaking up that beautiful sun!

  4. I am glad you got to make the trip..I think it will be just want you need!!
    3 weeks in the sun and on a beach sounds WONDERFUL!!

  5. Your pictures make me SO jealous! I wish we were going this year! Rest up and enjoy the remainder of your vacation!!

  6. Glad you are feeling better. I am sure you will be back to your old self by the end of the trip. Do you always spend Christmas in Aruba and what kind of traditions do you do? Any other family join you.

  7. It sounds like things are going in a positive direction and your luck is changing! I think I want to go to Aruba. Looks like you are having fun!!

  8. Looks beautiful there. Glad to hear that you're on the mend.

  9. Oh, I want to be in Aruba right now! We just came in from digging a path in the snow on our driveway to get our car up to the street level because it is snowing so much and temps won't be above freezing again for days! Yuck!
    Anyway... so glad you are there. I think this is just what you need right now... lots of rest and some warm sun seems like the pefect thing to help you get better.

  10. What a beautiful place to visit. Get lots of rest and recoup! Hugs!

  11. Hope you are having a great time there. It looks like paradise. Maybe when you get back we can have on of our nice long phone calls.

    Take care

  12. Oh, I am so glad you were still able to go. Looks like a fab time and GREAT medicine!!

  13. So glad you made it to that lovely place in the sun. You all deserve a wonderful break from your season of plague.

    Soak it up, mama.

    (Sorry about the unplanned adventures of getting there!)

  14. So happy you were able to go on your trip! We are headed to Aruba too next Tuesday. We are spending our last childless Christmas at the beach!!!

  15. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Hi Sweetpea

    Baba is missing you a lot. Save lot's of kisses and hugs for me.
    I will see you in three days.


  16. Have fun, you all deserve it.


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