Monday, September 01, 2008

He knows me too well...

Eammon does not buy, nor is he allowed to buy clothing for himself or anyone else...EVER!! If you ask us why, he'll tell you that it's because I know fashion better, have time to shop and know where to go. On the other hand, I'll bring up the orange shoe incident of April 2000 and with that mention, Eammon agrees to never again shop for clothes or shoes.

IMG_3173a1 I only clothing shop for Eammon once every year or year and an half so when I do it, I do it big. For a while now Eammon's been telling me that he was in need of some new chinos, golf/Polo shirts and button down shirts. Over the summer I was so busy with Maisie's activities and schedule, I just never found the opportunity to shop for him. But Wednesday while Maisie was at school I finally found the time to shop and as luck would have it, everything was 75% off the already marked down fave a sale! Once I returned home from my little spending spree I called Eammon at work to let him know that he'd be doing some clothes modeling that night. I then asked if he was sitting down. He said yes, so I proceeded to tell him that I had just purchased $1,720.00 worth of clothing for him. Without even missing a beat he said, "Yeah, but how much did you pay?" So when I told him just shy of $400.00 he didn't even bat an eye and said "that's not bad."

IMG_3191b After trying everything on, only a few shirts and pairs of pants had to be returned. So Thursday morning after dropping Maisie at school I headed to a different location of the same store and noticed that instead of everything being 75% off the already marked down price it was 80% off because of the holiday weekend. After making my $115.00 return I proceeded to purchase $1,651.00 worth of additional clothing costing us a mere $161.00. Of the second batch of clothes I returned $33.50 worth.

So what's the end result of my shopping bonanza after figuring out returns? Original cost of Eammon's new wardrobe was $2,903.97 (plus 6% tax totaling $3,078.21) and the amount we paid was $383.89 or $406.92 including tax. Total pre-tax discount $2,520.08 or a savings of 86.78% Shoot, wish I could pay 13.22 cents on the dollar for everything I purchase!!

So what did Eammon get for his $400?


6 pairs of chinos: Izod & Chaps

14 Polo/golf shirts: Nautica, Polo, Chaps, Alan Flusser & T. Harris London.

7 Short-sleeved button down shirts: Izod, Polo, Alan Flusser & T. Harris London

15 Long-sleeved button down shirts: Izod, Polo, Alan Flusser & T. Harris London.

Eammon cleaned out and organized his closet with all his new clothes and it looks great! In addition he cleaned out his dresser drawers so we now have an enormous pile of clothing ready for donation and Eammon has a smart new wardrobe to last him a year or so until my next mega-shopping-bargain-bonanza.


  1. Now THAT sounds like fun to me! I love shopping, but shopping and getting a great deal is an all-time high!
    (I haven't been over here to see you in a looooong time Lisa! Maisie is just as adorable as ever!!)

  2. I am impressed!!! Maybe you should start a personal shopping business!

  3. Lisa beat me to it. You so need to be a personal shopper. Jason would hire you on the spot cuz I can barely find a thing when it's 75% off. Oh, that's because you've bought everything already :).

  4. WOW! Long time reader and I think first time commenter. THAT was GREAT Shopping! I wish I could do at least as half as good as you just did!

  5. That might be the most impressive shopping trip I have ever heard of. Good work, Lisa!

  6. Good job! I think you should do my shopping:)

  7. Too bad you didn't live closer. I love a good deal, and I could use a shopping partner!


  8. Wow! I love a good deal. That's amazing!

  9. Wow...that is terrific. I NEVER run into good d4eals like that. I find deals, but no like that. That is amazing!

  10. I totally know what you mean about you doing the shopping v. your husband. We know where to go, how much it should cost, where to find the deals. I think you did great for all that you got! Hopefully we'll get together soon- Alexander gets so happy when he sees Maisie on the blog!

  11. WoooHooo
    You are MY kind of Shopper:-) There is nothing like a good bargin to make me happy!!!

  12. so, can I send you my sizes and credit card and have you shop for me? holy cow that is fantastic! do tell- where do you go for sales like that?

  13. Lisa, I have lots of reading to catch up on, but I have to say I love seeing the pics of Maisie, she has grown up and changed so much! What a cutie!

  14. Okay, I definitely need you to manage my finances!

  15. Sa-weet!! I think I saw Steinmart on that receipt. We don't have one here but I was just visiting my sister in VA last week and they have stores there. My mom got some good deals too...but nothing like you were able to get away with. Right on!! Maisie is really growing into such a little lady. Love the super smiling hello kitty bento pic!!


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