Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Expanding her food horizons

IMG_3336 This past week I made chicken korma and Szechuan chili ginger garlic shrimp, both served over Jasmine rice. Much to my surprise and delight, my little fussy bunny Maisie loved them both and scarfed down her meals even asking for seconds! Both meals had a good spicy kick but my little spicy girl didn't seem to notice and really enjoyed her meals. I'm so happy that I've found a way to not only get her to eat chicken and shrimp but also rice. For some reason Maisie has never liked eating rice which is sort of a pain since Eammon and I eat it quite often. Who knows, maybe one day I'll get her to enjoy fresh fruit and veggies beyond broccoli and carrots.

Maisie and I of course have had a busy week thus far, but what else is new there. My big accomplishment for the week was getting a venue booked for Maisie's upcoming birthday as well as ordering her cake and getting out all the invitations!! A month ahead and I'm so prepared, I just can't stand it!! I can't believe that she's going to be three in just a month, where has the time gone? She's growing up so quickly...boohoo...but honestly every new stage she enters is so exciting and fun and I love viewing the world through her eyes.

I've been looking at furniture for her big girl room which is! I sort of feel like Maisie's room was decorated and waiting for her for a longer period of time than she'll have actually used it. I'm ready for the change though and so is Maisie. She and I have picked out her big girl bed and we sometimes go to the store to visit it and test it out. I think when the time comes to transition her from the crib to the bed she'll be quite prepared and hopefully we won't have a problem. Keeping her in her bed and room, THAT will be the problem! Do they make crib tents for beds? I'm going to really miss that crib tent and the security of knowing that she couldn't get out!! Maybe she'll love her bed so much that she'll want to go to sleep without all the stalling tactics that she's already quite skilled at and maybe too, she'll become a good sleeper. One can always dream!

Time for bed as my little monkey will be up bright and early...Ta.


  1. Good thing I'm not there or I might have stolen Maisie's chicken korma! *grin* LOVE that stuff, just love it.

  2. Yay Maisie! Look at her enjoying all that food!

    I can't believe she is going to be three either. Time sure flies!

    Can't wait to see her big girl room!

  3. Anonymous8:41 AM

    You cook some really cool dishes and so well, I would scarf it too!

  4. Mmmm...that looks yummy! I need to pop over to your recipe blog and pick up some new things to try! Your baking is supper yummy so I'm sure your main course stuff is great too.

    What fun to be shopping for her big girl room! Wheee! Enjoy!

  5. When I put dd1 into a toddler bed at 3 and a bit, I said, "you are a big girl now, you have to stay in bed until I call for you in the morning". And she DID! Never once ventured out. Ever. :)

    Now dd2 is going to be ANOTHER kettle of fish LOL Time will tell with her!! She's still in her crib. heh.
    Snick :)

  6. Post a link to the bedroom set you have been visiting please. I'm curious to see how her tastes run in furniture. Will her spicy tastes reign in furniture too?

  7. I'm drooling just reading about what you're making!! YUMMY!!!

    Good luck with the furniture shopping!

  8. Her hair is so cute! So glad she is eating. Sounds good! I love to furniture shop of my passions. Let us know what you find!

  9. That is so great she loved your food! And good job in getting ready for the big birthday bash. I cannot believe she is three, but I love this stage of their lives. It is so much fun!

  10. Anonymous12:54 AM

    Adorable photo. Any chance you'll post the recipes?

  11. Anonymous9:19 AM

    April is in a toddler bed and it didn't change her stalling tactics and non-desire to high-tail it to sleep at night. The first night it did out of novelty; by the second night it was back to "normal."

    That's awesome that Maisie enjoyed her new meal. April is not a rice fan either unless it's hidden...:)

    --Ilene, Michael & April


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