Thursday, July 24, 2008

Maisie on the move

Wow, two posts in two days, what's come over me? Shoot it's really five posts as I've made two posts on Maisie Eats Bento of, the lunch that she ate today as well as her lunch for tomorrow. Then because of a couple of requests, I posted to Cook Lisa Cook the recipe for Curried Israeli Couscous, truly simple to make and delicious to eat. The ever present udon noodles with sesame oil and medium sweet soy sauce are just that. One cooked and drained block of either frozen or shelf-stable udon noodles tossed together with about 1 tablespoon of sesame oil and 2 tablespoons of medium sweet soy sauce. For the ones that I give to Eammon, I add a bit of sriracha and some toasted sesame seeds for a little heat and crunch. Another truly simple and delicious option if you like noodles and want something fast.

IMG_2631a This morning I made a point of taking my camera to the gym so to take pictures of Maisie and as you can see in this post, I actually followed through.

IMG_2639a Each morning as soon as we arrive at the gym Maisie runs to take off her tennies and put them in her cubbie, then she takes off, usually heading straight for the trampoline.

IMG_2646a Today was no exception so trampoline pictures I have.


I received a couple of questions about why I have Maisie in unitards and not leotards. The smallest leotards and unitards that I can find are toddler (18 months) and children's xxs. While her chest, waist and hips fall at the lower end of the measurement range, her torso length is about 2-inches smaller than the lower end of the measurement range. So, in an attempt to not have my child do a Catherine Tramell peep show, I've found that having her wear panties with the unitard provides more adequate coverage...if you know what I mean. Unitard, leotard, no matter what she wears she's still stinkin' my totally biased but oh so true opinion! ;-)

WARNING, WARNING, WARNING: SYTYCD spoiler: Are you kidding me, Mark is still there and Will was voted out???? Seriously??? Are you kidding me!!! Comfort, well she needed to go well before her first ousting. But Will before Mark, it's mind boggling!! That's one of my top 3 dancers out. Now I'm pulling for Katee and Joshua. Seriously I'm flabbergasted.


  1. She is so darling. Reading your blog made me smile. I needed that today. Thanks.

  2. You are a posting kind of gal today!!!
    How is Maisie liking all her bento stuff??? Is she eating her lunch??

    Okay.. for peeps like me, shelf udon, are they dry?? Frozen udon, sweet soy sauce... brand names please. This is the only way I can shop.... What is that stuff you add to Eammans udon?

  3. Love the outfit and the pigtails! If I only had a small portion of her energy :)

  4. Glad I am not the only one mortified over SYTYCD results. WILL, is the best dancer of the lot. No doubt. Will is the hottest man of the lot ( alive??) and yet he is gone???

  5. Pix are precious!

  6. Love the pictures! Maisie rocks the unitards!

  7. LOVE the pictures...
    looks like Maisie LOVES her class....
    And I am with you on the Marck and Will thing...
    I was bumbed...
    Have a Great Weekend..


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