Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bento fun

08July25b Last week I created five days of bento boxes for Maisie and she ate just about everything I put in the boxes. I did put in items that she favors but for a fussy little girl, she did great in the eating department. I'm having so much fun making Maisie's lunches, it's become my new obsession. I even entered a bento box competition for everyday people packing bento and we'll see how I do as the contest ends on Tuesday. If you're interested in seeing Maisie's bento boxes, check out Maisie Eats Bento.

We've had a pretty good weekend and I say pretty good because Maisie has really been pushing limits. We've had great mornings; Saturday on the spur of the moment I took her to the gym where we had the place to ourselves and she had a blast jumping on the trampoline and into the foam pit and today Eammon took Maisie out shopping and for breakfast. Then there were the afternoons... She was tired and cranky yet fought going down for her naps and even after waking, she was still miserable. Our easy bedtime has also become a test of wills but thankfully she's still zipped into the crib tent so Mama & Baba are still winning. Hopefully once we're back into the swing of the week things will return to normal.


  1. I'm going to ask a ridiculous question... what is Bento?!!

  2. Is it the box? Or the food?!!! Geez, I'm feeling like a moron, right about now!!!

  3. Wow - I am very impressed..and what a big deal that Maisie is eating well, too! I'd love to come over and watch you make them!

  4. What a fantastic way to present healthy food to your child!! The variety of meals you have created are just adorable!!! How long is the preparation? It must be a time consuming labor of love :-)

  5. So how do you make the really cute carrot flowers? And where do you buy your bento supplies? You are definitely inspiring me. I've always wanted to make bento box lunches for my older daughter to take to school.

  6. You are amazing. I am lucky to get the food on a plate. You are the mother of the week, hands down. Very creative.

  7. Lisa

    I am totally fascinated with your bento! Thanks for starting the Maisie's bento blog...and Eammon's are just as great, so keep posting those as well. I LOVE all the cute boxes you have...

    I have to focus on QUANTITY when I cook, but you have inspired me to work a little harder on presentation! I do have some school lunch trays that Pearl and Grace love to use, so maybe I could do cute things in each compartment!



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