Thursday, August 30, 2007

Great minds...

Think alike.

This past Sunday morning I called Deb to ask the name of the park we visited a few weeks prior as Eammon and I wanted to take Maisie over there for a morning of play. Well wouldn't you know that Deb and family were on their way to the very same park. It was a fun morning and even though LiLi was a little under the weather, children and adults all had a good time. After playtime Deb invited us to join them for Dim Sum where we all enjoyed a great lunch. Of course Deb took some great pics which I once again nicked from her blog...Thanks Deb!


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Today was Maisie's second day at Mother's Morning Out and oh what a start. She happily walked up to the school and in the door but when we turned down the hallway to her classroom and she heard so many other children crying, all H.E.L.L. broke loose and though I tried to calm her, the teacher had to pry her off me. I felt so bad for her but she must have settled down quite quickly as no calls to come pick her up were received. When I returned to pick her up I peeked in and saw her playing on the floor with a doll and a peek a few minutes later she was giving one of her teachers a kiss and hug. Then she saw me, started screaming and they happily passed her over the gate along with her bag and we were out of there. She was calm and happy by the time we got outside but had a bit of difficulty going down for her nap and again tonight she was clingy and didn't want to go to sleep. Now though she's sleeping soundly and hopefully will have wonderful dreams.

Finally, why do I keep clicking on that box that says "remember me" because it never does! Is it some cruel joke to see how many times I'll be dumb enough to do it or is it part of some I.Q. test that I'm failing miserably. But I keep checking the box, just in case it decides to start remembering me.


  1. I keep clicking it too. And sighing. I'm sighing right now thinking about it...

    LOVE Maisie's expressions on the slide and during the noodle love fest. :-)

  2. I always knew I had more brains...I stopped clicking a while ago! Ha!
    I've always heard day 2 of leaving a child is worse...unless the first day is so bad there can't be a worse! Sounds like Maisie is adjusting well.


  3. I love that look on Maisie's face coming down the slide. That is so cute!

  4. So much fun! It sounds like she is adjusting to the Mother's Morning Out. My experience with my boys is that the crying is all for show. The inately know that we must see them show a little saddness when we leave or we'll feel bad that they don't feel bad leaving us...make sense?? ;)

    Beautiful pictures!!

  5. What great pics of daddy and Maisie on the slide! Looks like fun! The one looks like it was fast...even for Eammon.


    Glad to hear she settled and had fun at MMO. Way to go Maisie!

  6. Anonymous5:23 PM

    good to see Maisie is now SMILING in pictures - even when she's looking directly at the camera. Whoo Hoo!
    have a good holiday weekend.
    Call me!
    Judy B.

  7. Maisie has a GREAT smile! Love the pictures.

  8. Amazing slide show of pics!!!

  9. Great pictures. Maisie's expressions always make me smile.

  10. Great pictures!!


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