Thursday, August 02, 2007


We had a couple of firsts this week; one good, one not so good and one which I'm totally looking forward to. Little Maisie who doesn't eat veggies or fruit other than red grapes has as of today added bananas to repertoire, so that is a good thing. Also today she was playing quietly, or so I thought, only to find that she had unsnapped her onesie and for the first time removed her diaper, only to pee on the floor. Maisie has a fascination with water puddles and luckily I caught her just as she was getting ready to play in the little yellow puddle...not a good thing!

The first that I'm totally psyched about is that our trip in December to Aruba will not be Maisie's first time experiencing the ocean. Nope, that will happen in early September when Eammon, Maisie and I head to Jamaica for a week of sun, fun and all-inclusive indulgence! Yes September is going to be a busy travel month with us going to both Jamaica and Utah. I might live to regret all this travel especially when it comes to nap and sleep schedules. First a week moving back one hour followed by moving forward one hour for a week, only to then move back two hours for a week before coming home and moving forward two hours. Shoot, that messes me up, can't imagine what it's going to do to little Miss Maisie.

I know that people really come to the blog not to read but to see Maisie pictures and since I haven't posted any new ones in about a week, here are some that Deb took at LiLi's pool on Monday and at The Playroom Wednesday morning. 5.jpg_Thumbnail1 3.jpg_Thumbnail110.jpg_Thumbnail16.jpg_Thumbnail18.jpg_Thumbnail1


  1. OH NO ~ Panic attack! What am I going to do in September while you are gone :-( Who is going to call me in the morning or make me get out of the house ~ and your doing this to me upon return from Disney ~ I don;t know if I can handle you going away twice in September :D I hope you know that I am kidding! I am SO happy that you are getting to take both these trips!

  2. Ahhh, don't be so hard on yourself! We enjoy reading too!!! But the pics are like icing on the cake!!!

    Great about the banana! Not so great about the puddles!!!

  3. I LOVE those photos!

    I can't help but giggle about the puddle on the floor. It's okay, my day will come and you can laugh at me.

  4. Yeah for traveling! Happy to hear of your many exciting travels! What fun you're going to have.

    Beautiful pics. It's so neat to see the kids playing together. Have a wonderful weekend friend!

  5. How exciting! We need a vacation desperately...
    I love the pics of the girls in the pool and at play - all those little heartbreakers in one room :)

  6. What great pictures! And it's great about the banana!!! Kind of a "yellow" theme at your house, then, huh?

  7. Yeah Maisie! I'm glad she found out how yummy bananas are.

    Your trips all sound so exciting! I can't wait to follow along. (I hope you can blog from all these spots. You know we will need to keep up.) I guess we can wait until you get back if we have to. ;o)

  8. Playing with pee... hmmmm... yeah, funny, but then again not, but for us... Very funny.

    As usual, the pictures are lovely.

  9. No that isn't a good thing, but it is kinda funny. My dog is just learning that we don't do that in the house. Oh how many times do we clean up after them.

    Love. Love the pictures of Lili and your sweet girl.

  10. Anonymous1:42 PM

    I just think Maisy is so adorable and it is amazing how far she has come.

    The photos from when you first got her (I have been a lurker/"enjoyer" of your blog for a long time!) she looked so frightened and unsure. Now she looks like she is just thriving and so content.

    Her story warms my heart like no other. You guys are doing an amazing job as parents.

    Lisa, mother of Lily Lu (from Colorado)

  11. Wow, sounds like you are going to have some fun travels at the end of 2007! Who cares about sleep when you are near the ocean or with great friends. You will do fine sweetie.


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