Thursday, June 01, 2006

How time flies

What a great way to end the month of May, with an amazingly full box of gifts from my CCAI secret pal. She based all the gifts on time and being able to watch Baby S grow through the years. I'll be thinking of my special pal as Baby S first wears and grows out of the Nemo outfit and blue romper, next into the onesies, skort and adorable hat and then finally getting big enough to wear the very pretty pink dress. Pink and green, I love these colors!!

In addition to all the wonderful outfits, my awesome pal sent foam alphabet animals with pop out letters and for when Baby S is older, a beautiful ladybug, ladybug fly away tea set. On the tea set my pal wrote a note, asking me to put the set away until Baby S is 8 years old. Then at that time, let her know that her secret pal was thinking of her in May 2006 and knew that one day she'd be serving tea and talking to her Mom about "girly stuff." Isn't that just so sweet you want to cry! I've put the note which was included on the outside of the tea set inside the box so that Baby S will always have the note from our pal as a keepsake too.

Finally, I want to show off what's become of part of last month's gift. I use the giraffe memo board as a brag board to show off the pictures of all my friend's babies. I have it in my family room so I get to see all the beautiful faces every day. On the top is Amelia, below her is Kailee, in the center are two pictures of Emily, on the bottom left is Grace and finally on the bottom right is Grace again with her two older sisters Hillary and Maddie.

Once the pals are revealed, I hope that my CCAI pal will send a picture of her child so that I can add it to the board. Thanks my pal for spoiling us so much, we love and appreciate all the wonderful things you send each month.


  1. Wow! Baby S got some really good stuff. Your SP rocks!

  2. Alright, you have had your SP long enough! I want her!

  3. What a great secret pal!

  4. Nice haul! Great idea - watching baby grow!

  5. What a wonderful secret pal, I can't wait to add Kacey's picture to your brag girafe!!!


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