Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Checking the social calendar

What, this doesn't look like the calendar in your home??

Yeah, it's not what we usually have either. Once every four years though, this chart dictates our lives as World Cup fever hits the Shanahan home, or more specifically when it hits Eammon. Sixty four games played over 31 days with multiple trips to the pub and every available hour of DVR space being devoted to football.

In addition many of our friends are starting to think that I'm even more odd than they thought, as this conversation is starting to be heard way too often in our home:

(Phone rings)
Caller: Hey Lisa, wondering if you and Eammon would be interesting in getting together and doing something fun or going to some fabu restaurant.

Me: Let me check the wall chart. (Am I a geek or what?)

Yes, this wall chart is posted and all activities through July 9th have to be planned around World Cup games. Luckily it's just the England and US games that Eammon must see live. Most of the other games he's OK to record and watch at a later time. But if they've been recorded, I have to turn on the t.v. and queue up the game so that he doesn't accidentally see a score before viewing the game.

I know, you're thinking it's only a month, you'll be done with it soon. But no that's not the case, especially now that Eammon's beloved Watford made it into the Premier League this year. Trust me, football never seems to end.

Ahhh, the life of a football widow!


  1. Funny!!!!!! At least it's nicely colored...

  2. Maybe it will pass the time more quickly..............okay, so I'm trying to say something positive here.

  3. Watch out for Marlon King. He's no footballer (as Jamaica recently found out).

  4. Sadly, we have a similar chart hanging in our house. I have to make sure I tape the Brazil game today so Mark can watch it when he gets home!

  5. We lived in England for 4 years so we've "caught the fever"....we can sing all of the songs- so now every four years I ADD Football to the already long list of American Football, baseball, basketball.....the list goes on and on.....but truly I can't call myself a widow- I'm right there planted on the couch too! Love sports

  6. Ah yessss, we were awoken VERY early over the weekend by a phone call from my brother-in-law living in England. He was so excited about the football games he had to call and tell us to turn it on! (at 7:20 am!!!!) We did, and ended up watching it for hours! My son was fascinated at how far they can kick the ball!

  7. HA! This is funny.. this is about how my "Fall" looks except for us it's football.. specifically the Tampa Bay Bucs! What's a girl to do?

    SCRAPBOOK! lol

    Lisa :)


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