Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Because I wanted to...

I didn't have to go to the store because as I bragged before, I am finished with all my holiday shopping and I have enough groceries to last until we leave for Aruba. So truth be told, I wanted to go shopping. Now that my desk has been put together, I decided to take a quick trip down to IKEA to pick up this chest organizer thing that fits perfectly between the shelves of the desk.
I haven't had time to get anything organized in the desk yet and we still need to get a new computer monitor before the computer can be moved, but I love my new desk.

Now you may think that a quick trip to IKEA is impossible, and that's sort of true, but I have a secret way to avoid the crowds and make my shopping trip easy. If you want to shop when the store is virtually empty, shop Monday through Thursday and arrive there when they first open. At least here at the Atlanta store, if you do that, there will be more employees in the store than shoppers and everyone is looking to help you.

Now, no one can go shopping at IKEA and only buy one item and I'm no different. I spotted this adorable monkey and her baby and knew they were perfect for Baby S's jungle room. In addition I found a really pretty vanity mirror that I absolutely needed for the guest bedroom, thus another purchase added to the buggy. On my way out the door, I did stop and pick up a few of the chocolate bars that Eammon loves so much. That way he too got something out of the shopping trip, other than just the bill.

Over the past few months I have recovered from my addiction of stalking the postman. I now will be away for two weeks without a computer, thus I will have to go cold turkey and break my blog stalking addiction, so in their place my newest obsession is Sudoku. I only started doing these puzzles in the past week, but already I am almost finished with my first book of 76 puzzles. So, while I was out shopping, I decided to drop in at the book store and get a new book that I can work on while sunning on the beach. This book has 200 puzzles including the 9x9 puzzles that I have been doing, as well as jigsaw and triplex grids.

Then, just so Eammon wouldn't feel left out, I found a book of Kakuro, which is even more brutal than Sudoku. I love how this book rates the difficulty of the puzzles, It starts out at Level 1 Delicious, moving on to level 2 Pernicious, continuing to Level 3 Malicious and finally ending at Level 4 Vicious. Hopefully this will keep Eammon entertained as he lounges on the beach.


  1. You are cracking me up... good to see that I am not the only one with your logic!! LOL

    - Lisa :)

  2. Love the new banner on your blog!
    Also I too do that kind of shopping, especially when I am at IKEA!

    Almost done my holiday shopping, going to try and get the last of it done this week.

  3. Looks like an EXCELLENT shopping trip. Very productive. And good logic on snagging some chocolate bars for the hub. ;-)

    Loving the new header on your blog - super cool!

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  5. I like Sudoku, too! I haven't gotten any books, though... I play it on the computer. Too fun...and VERY addicting! I discovered it between our referral and travel and it really helped me pass the time.


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