Thursday, November 03, 2005

Barbarisms & Solecisms

Last night I dined with a group of ladies from my old neighborhood, at the Pinetree Country Club. My critique; the food was wonderful, perfectly cooked and seasoned, especially the asparagus which were divine. The quality of the service though, was truly lacking. My dinner and evening as delightful as there were, are not the subject of this post. This post is an addendum to this interesting conversation.

On my drive to the restaurant I was listening to talk radio. A man called into the show to discuss how people, not in line with his political views and party, are unintelligent and vacuumous! Yes people, he said vacuumous!! I bet his English teacher is proud of him. Not only is he redundant, but he doesn't even know the correct word when trying label others as vacuous. I got so silly hearing this, that I had to call Eammon and share. He and I both cringe, then giggle when we hear such creative words.

Everyone seemed to enjoy when we previously shared our barbarisms and solecisms, so I thought we needed to revisit, share and add to the list of most annoying verbiage.

Just to get you started, here are some delightful George W. solecisms. Please add your personal "favorites" to the comments and give everyone a good cringe.


  1. Oh my! Thanks for the morning laugh. My boss says "Ideal" for idea every say and it drives me insane. Also the people who say, " I want to AXE you a questions." Instead of ask. Shut up. Then again, I tend to make up word of my own sometimes. I hope I haven't made you cringe. Oh! Oh! I made the lemon curd recipe that you posted. Yummy. I ate way too much of it but is was just delicious. I tell you, I ran out of things to put it on so I made a lemon curd sandwich. That was even good.

  2. Oh my word how did that man ever become president of an entire nation?
    Intentsive purposes drives me nuts. It's intents and purposes. Oh, and cent. Like fifty cent. More than 1 cent would be cents people!

    And you're right- you could never make an ass out of Jon's hands! His fingers are like 3 feet long! ;)

  3. I have a thing with realtor. It is real-tor, NOT real-a-tor. Don't know why that bugs me so much.

    Also, "I feel nausous". Really? Well, you make me queasy too.

    Basically, something that is nausous is the thing that is making you nauseated. So, when you say you are nauseous, you are saying that you are so gross you make people want to barf. Does that make any sense? Darn, I know the difference I am just not good at explaining it, sorry.

    I get nauseated very easily, so that is why that has come up in my conversation so much :)

    Lisa, your conversation with the receptionist made me snort my ginger ale, so fuuny!


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