Saturday, March 16, 2013

Irish Jig 2013

photo (6)e1My A-Maisie-ing number one girl!

And as fast as Maisie’s USA Level 5 season began, it’s already over!  Yep, Maisie started training for USA level 5 at the beginning of 2013, she competed in her first level 5 meet last weekend in Savannah at the Courtney Kupets Pink Gymnastics Invitational where she did oh-so well, and this weekend she competed in her second and final meet of her season, where she rocked it at the Irish Jig.  Maisie generally competes in the Fall season, August through December, so when I looked into taking her away in April & May I never thought that it would interfere with any competitions.  But in December when she finished her Level 4 season, the opportunity was there for her to compete Level 5 in the spring but starting towards the end of the season as she needed some time to learn the routines.  As it worked out though, I had already booked us on a trip for April and into May so, she was only “available” to compete at two meets and would miss the final meet of the season and state meet.  We decided to give the two meets a shot and see how she would do and if she could make the scores which her coaches wanted and WOW, did she ever do it!!  Maisie easily qualified for state meet (though she’ll miss it due to our travels) and she made and exceeded the scores her coaches were looking for her to achieve.  Personally I’m totally impressed, but then I always am.  At both meets Maisie competed against girls, most of whom have been training for a full year or more, doing as well as she did last weekend in a huge meet and then this weekend she competed in a smaller meet where she medaled in all four events and took first place all-around, well not only does she just amaze me but she makes me oh-so proud. 

This weekend Maisie competed at the Irish Jig with approximately 50 other USA Level 5 girls from five gyms.  What can I say, I am oh-so proud of my A-Maisie-ing Maisie, first place on vault, bars & floor, third place on beam and first place all-around, a great way to end the season.

Obligatory hands in the air pictures and scores:

IMG_6811eMaisie with her four medals and first place all-around trophy.

IMG_6795 vault eVault:  First place (tied) 8.6

IMG_6798eBars:  First place 9.325

IMG_6799eBeam:  Third place 9.0

IMG_6802 floor eFloor:  First place (tied) 9.2

IMG_6804 AA eAll-Around:  First place 36.125

IMG_6808 eNMGC Level 5: First place team award 

Maisie loves competing and adores being with her friends and teammates.  This meet was especially fun for Maisie as she was not only with her Level 5 teammates but many of her old Level 4 teammates (the ones still competing level 4) were there too for the same session, so lots of hugs together.

photo (8)eAlyssa & Maisie

photo (1)eLevel 5 teammates ready for the meet to begin, Rebecca, Sarah & Maisie.

photo (2)eMaisie and some of her Level 5 teammates, waiting to warm up on vault.

IMG_6794eMia and Maisie after the meet, waiting for awards.

IMG_6813eMaisie & Lindsey.

IMG_6814eAlexis, first place USA Level 4 All-around champion and Maisie, first place USA Level 5 All-around champion.  Congrats girls and to all the NMGC girls, you all rocked!!

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Pressure Cooker Balsamic Collard Greens

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  1. Way to go Maisie! Way to finish out your level 5 season.

  2. Go Maisie! Would you mind giving us non-gymnastics folks a bit of a crash course on how these meets work? All these little girls look so itty bitty yet they are so strong!

  3. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Heyyy Princess Maisie congratulations on your wonderful scores you look great in floor excercises. yaaayy way to go. Hope your feeling better soon


  4. Such a spunky little superstar!


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