Thursday, December 02, 2010

Vinings Jubilee Tree Lighting

Because Maisie doesn’t have school tomorrow…or for the rest of 2010 for that matter, tonight we were able to head over to Vinings Jubilee to watch the Vinings’ 40th Annual Christmas Tree lighting.

IMG_4712Maisie was obviously a bit tired on the way over as she crashed out in the car and slept for about half an hour.

IMG_4716Maisie in front of the tree.

IMG_4722Today it got really cold so we were both bundled up in our warmest coats.

IMG_4729aMaisie loved riding on the reindeer ponies.

IMG_4733All the merchants at Vinings Jubilee provided food and drinks so Maisie and I sampled cookies, cake, candy, soup, cider, chips, dips & cocoa.  There was also pizza, cupcakes and appetizers of various sorts which we passed on…obviously we only went for the really “healthy” stuff  ;-)  Here’s Maisie after a good amount of sugar, a very happy girl.

IMG_4740bThe balloon man  suggested to Maisie that a flower hat would look lovely with her coat to which she replied, “thank you but I’d prefer a candy cane because it’s not summer it’s Christmas.”   I don’t think that he was quite expecting that response but he obliged and made a candy cane for her.

IMG_4743My girl and her Christmas candy cane.

IMG_4746They also had a little train ride and though it was at the very end of the evening and well past Maisie’s bedtime, Maisie really wanted to take a ride and patiently waited in the extremely long queue and was thrilled with the little ride. 

IMG_4753Maisie with her candy cane in front of the lit tree.

IMG_4756Earlier in the evening Maisie sat on Santa’s lap and told him what she wanted but only the professional photographer was allowed to take a picture of that meeting.  But just before Santa left for the evening we were able to snag a picture.

We had a really good time tonight but were both happy to get into the car and turn the heat on as we were chilled to the bone.  On the drive home Maisie told me that Santa loves all children, even the naughty ones.  I said yes but the naughty ones don’t get presents from Santa.  Maisie then said that they get coal and that’s sort of like a present because you can draw with coal.  I asked her if she wanted coal and she told me that she’s been a good girl and would prefer a good gift.  I have to agree as Maisie has been a great girl this year and deserves a wonderful gift from Santa, which I know she’ll receive.  She then told me that she wished that we lived in Aruba because it’s warm there all the time.  Maisie is definitely my daughter, two days of cold weather and we’re both chomping at the bit to get out of town.  In just over 36 hours Maisie and I will be dipping our toes in warm waters of Aruba…Not that I’m counting the hours or anything.  Maisie, along with my tired and cold bones can’t wait! 


  1. Maisie looks so happy and gorgeous in those pics! What a fun evening. Hugs to all, hope you get warm, and can't wait to hear about Aruba.

  2. So fun! LOVE Maisie's jacket! Hope you have a wonderful time in warm Aruba. I know you (and now Miss M) are not fans of the cold. :)

  3. Elise1:54 PM

    What a clever little girl Maisie is! Love her responses to the balloon man and to you! :)

  4. What a fun event! I would love to take Linlee to something like that. Maisie looked so darn cute in that coat. Too funny that both you girls are dreaming of warm weather. Linlee and I have been looking out our window and asking, "Where is the snow???" I also love Maisie's reason for wanting a balloon candy cane; makes sense to me!

  5. so cute! and I too love Maisie's jacket...where did you get it from?

  6. Thanks on the coat, here is the link to the company:

  7. How seriously awesome. Maisie is so cute and sweet. I wish we didn't have more week.

  8. Anne Davis4:49 AM

    Wow, Maisie looks tiny in that first pic of her in front of the tree. That is one huge tree! What a fun evening you girls had! Have fun in Aruba!


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