Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Day party!

Today Maisie and her classmates celebrated Valentine's Day with a fun party at school.

Maisie's little sugar fest though started before the party as her bento was holiday themed and contained a bit more sugar than usual. (For a list of the contents of this bento and to see her other ones, please visit Maisie Eats Bento.)

Maisie looked so happy as the party began, just knowing what was in store made her smile.

The party started with the children all handing out their Valentine's cards and treats. In the end, each child went home with overflowing bags of candy and cards.

Maisie and I ready to have fun.

Maisie working on her craft, cutting out an heart.

The heart says, "I love my family because..." and Maisie wrote "they give me hugs and kisses." Awwww...

Maisie and I made and brought in red velvet heart shaped cupcakes for the children to decorate.

Frosting and decorating the cupcakes was good and messy fun.

Maisie with her finished cupcake creation.

After all that sugar a little running around was necessary and a few rounds of duck-duck-goose was good fun.


  1. Sounds like Chani's play group party last night. Handing out valentines, decorating a heart shape cookie and playing duck duck goose. How funny that they did the same things.

    Looks like Maisie had a blast!

  2. Okay, Maylin had a party too. I didn't take one picture. Now I feel badly.

    I can't believe you and the Bento boxes. That is clearly something I will never get the hang of. Lofe the cupcakes you made. Did you have a mold or cookie cutters afterward?

    Love her smile! She makes me smile too. She is so happy it seems all the time.


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