Monday, January 11, 2010

Too busy & too tired to blog

We have been busy, busy which has all been fun but tired, tired as I'm still recovering from being sick. Whenever Maisie's stopped, I have too, resting and trying to get some extra sleep, thus no time to blog!

Last week while Maisie was at school I did a bit lot of shopping hitting up some great sales especially at Lands End. I picked up fleece tops & fleece jackets for both Maisie and I, turtle necks, gloves, thermal tops, socks & a rain coat for me, great leather shoes for Maisie and even matching yellow vests for both Maisie and I. Thursday morning many of the school districts around us canceled school or after school activities because of snow (which was to start late afternoon) but Maisie had school and wanted to wear some of her new clothes. I matched one of her new fleece tops to a uniform skirt, added matching tights, her new shoes and her favorite, the yellow vest which she made me also wear so that we would match. She looked so adorable and received many complements on how adorable she looked.

Thursday afternoon gymnastics was canceled due to weather so Maisie and I did some cooking, played games and had a fun afternoon together.

We also watched some idiots playing on the ice out on the pond. Yes we've had some really cold weather and there's ice on the pond but it certainly isn't safe to be out there playing as evidenced by two teens who lost their lives by going through the ice on a local pond. Thankfully no one went through the ice on our pond but I wish people would use more common sense.

Friday morning all the local schools were canceled, not so much because of the 1/4-inch of snow but due to all the icing on the roads. I ventured out to the grocery and the roads were bad but since no one was out and I didn't have to go far to travel, it was all good. Friday afternoon K & A came over and played for a while then we all went over to their house where Anne and I played in her fabu, deluxe, commercial grade kitchen where we combined our ingredients and made my easy version of Cioppino & garlic toast which was a perfect meal on an extremely cold night. The guys watched some blue-ray Star Trek movie on Steve & Anne's new high-def flat screen with some high-end surround sound system (obviously I know and understand more about the kitchen then the electronics) and both thought it an awesome way to spend the evening. Maisie, K & A all had fun playing together so it was one perfect night for everyone. I think it was about 8:30PM and I was toast so Maisie and I headed home and immediately both went to bed. I'm not sure how late it was when Eammon made his way home but thankfully he didn't wake his two sleeping girls.

Saturday morning I made an English Sherry Trifle because that afternoon we were going back over to Anne & Steve's as they were having their first party to celebrate their new fabu space and since they were serving rib roast, Yorkshire pudding and roasted vegetables, Anne and I thought that the trifle would be a perfect ending. It was a fun afternoon and evening and the food and company was incredible. We had so much fun but I was feeling really run-down so when we got home I immediately crawled into bed with Maisie but sleep eluded me and it was probably 2:30am before I finally fell asleep.

Sunday, Eammon spent the morning with Maisie and I headed out to do some shopping at Costco and the International Farmer's Market. I bought so much and now have a lot of butchering, packaging and cooking to do this week. Once home my lack of sleep caught up with me so I got in bed with Maisie at nap time and ended up being the only one who slept as Maisie was full of energy. We had plans to have leftovers next-door for dinner so after nap we were at Steve & Anne's eating yet again. Because it was a school night and Maisie didn't nap and I'm still fighting pneumonia and a sinus infection, we made it an early evening and she and I went to bed at 7PM and were fast asleep within minutes.

After a good nights rest I'm feeling better and ready to take on the week. The Cioppino that Anne and I made on Friday was so awesome I decided to make another pot so that we could have some more this week and I could also add some to the soup supply in my freezer. While I was making the soup I was also checking the Internet as I've now been home from a trip for 10 days and have no other trips scheduled so I was feeling antsy. After checking airfares and dates and back-and-forth calls to Tiffany I now have my first trip for 2010 scheduled. Come July, Maisie and I are heading back out to Salt Lake City, woohoo!! Can't wait to see all our Utah friends and who knows, maybe some of our other bloggy friends who in years past have met in SLC will decide to join us again this year.

Now I'm off to bed where I'll hopefully get some good sleep as it's going to be a busy week. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this arctic weather will pass and things will warm up as I am not a cold weather gal.


  1. Elise2:43 PM

    Love Maisie's adorable outfit - and what a cute model she makes, pose and all! :)

  2. It is crazy how Florida got snow! Wow. Love the outfit. I love a good sale. It makes wearing the clothes even better. I can't wait to see you too!


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