Monday, October 12, 2009

Glorious days on the Glory

Eammon, Maisie and I just returned from an absolutely wonderful week long cruise which included perfect weather, total rest and relaxation, obscene amounts of good food and lots of family time. This was the first cruise that any of us have been on and I think it was maybe two days into the cruise when Eammon and I were already discussing when we would be taking our next one.

The day before our cruise we drove down to Florida and spent a night with my parents. Maisie was spoiled with numerous gifts & treats and the two people who brought her got a good dinner and a bed but we know who rates in Grandma & Grandpa's eyes! The following morning we drove to the port and Maisie spent the entire drive playing her new Kai-lan Leapster game that my parents gave to her...So I guess we did get a gift too, an engaged, happy and quiet passenger.

Our trip was absolutely perfect as we couldn't have asked for better weather, better service or a more relaxing trip. It was so nice being totally disconnected, no phone, no Internet and I didn't even watch television. Our ports of call included Cozumel, Belize, Costa Maya & Nassau and I hope to one day make it back to all of them...well maybe not Nassau...but definitely Belize. Eammon and I were interested in doing a canopy zip-line excursion which included five zip-lines and two repels but I didn't feel secure in leaving Maisie on board ship at the camp for six+ hours so we opted not to do it but next time it is first on our list. In Belize Eammon went scuba diving for the first time and loved it. Most mornings Maisie went to camp after breakfast and then we picked her up so that we could have lunch together, then a nap and our afternoons were spent together in the pool which was Maisie's favorite part of the trip. Another favorite part of the trip for Maisie was returning to our cabin after dinner to see the towel creation and get the chocolates that our cabin steward Fery had left for us. Once we left Port Canaveral, other than taking a nightly piccie of Maisie and the towel creation I didn't pull out my camera so this is about it for pictures. There were two formal dinner nights but Maisie and I enjoyed dressing-up pretty each night and Maisie loved helping me zip up my dresses and picking out and putting on my jewelery, she's such a girly-girl. I think one of my favorite parts of the trip was that every time we left the cabin we'd return to a straightened up bed and a clean bathroom stocked with only fresh towels and big fluffy robes. For Eammon the relaxation, time away from work and the exhilaration of his first dive had to be the highlights.

We had a really easy 9 hour drive home thanks in part to an early birthday gift for Maisie which my parents had given to me, to give to her for the drive home, another Leapster game, Disney Fairies. Maisie loves this game too and played on and off almost the entire ride. It's good to be home, rain and all and back to our usual schedule but trust me, I'm already looking at deals and options for our next cruise.

We of course have a busy week ahead and I have to prepare for Maisie's birthday and party this coming Saturday. Can you believe that my little baby will be four, where has the time gone, she's such a big girl now!!


  1. Your vacation sounds wonderful,happy to hear you all enjoyed the cruise and love all the adorable photos of your little princess....cute,cute,cute as a button as usual.

  2. Sounds awesome!!! Ahhhhhhhh.

    (Love those towel creatures, and, of course, the adorable Maisie pics)


  3. what a wonderful (and well deserved!) vacation! we love cruising for family vacations - there's something for everyone, plenty of opportunities for together time and the service is unbeatable.
    welcome home!

  4. I'm so glad you loved your cruise. I absolutely love them as well. Total relaxation. Glad you are back safe and sound. Talk soon!!

  5. Sounds so great! Made me even more excited for our upcoming cruise.

  6. Sounds perfect!! A family cruise sounds like an amazing way to spend some time together!!

  7. Looks like your trip was awesome and you had a great time. Cruisin is such fun! Can't wait to hear more!

  8. Oh, forgot to say that we do the very same thing, having Chani pose with the towel characters!!! Too cute!


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