Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I spoke to soon

Well after that whole kidney stone episode of last Thursday I wrote on Friday that I woke up feeling better than I had in weeks. Unfortunately *THAT* didn't last to long. By late afternoon Friday I was coughing, sneezing, congested and my eyes were streaming all of which I attributed to the obscene pollen count of 1071. Over the weekend though I just got worse and worse so Monday morning I followed my new 3-day rule, (if sick and not getting better after 3 days, I go to the doc) so off to the doc I went. Sure enough I have a full blown case of bronchitis but thankfully, by going to the doc early, I've hopefully avoided another bout pneumonia.

Poor little Maisie has been suffering with allergies and is a snotty mess. We have to do daily inhaler treatments which she's good with but it's the nightly nasal spray that she really dislikes. It's amazing though what the girl will suffer for a mini-package of two little Starburst candies.

The weather here is Georgia has been crazy and hasn't helped with my being sick and Maisie's allergies. Yesterday we had snow! In Georgia...In April...Are you kidding me? Of course none of it stuck but still it was cold, wet and windy and then this morning I had to scrape ice off my windshield, seriously I moved south to get away from weather like this. Then the pollen, Monday the count was 3583 and on Tuesday in the stinking snow it was 1797. Anything over 121 is considered extremely high so our numbers are just obscenely outrageous. I'm holding tight waiting for some nice warm weather and the pollen count to drop...a lot!

I'm thinking of adding yet another trip to our busy 2009 travel schedule. I'm looking into heading down to Florida with Maisie sometime during the second week of June to visit with my parents and one of our China travel mates. I'd like to do a day at either SeaWorld or maybe one of the other parks, just not sure yet. So, if you're in Florida and would like to hook up while we're there either at whatever park we end up visiting or for lunch or dinner, please email and let me know.

The pictures are from Monday, another crazy cold day so for Maisie's nap I changed her into a sleeper to keep her warm. Our Gardener Tim brought his 4-year old son Daniel along with him while he worked in our yard. Daniel had fun playing outside until...he ended up knee deep in the pond. So he came in and joined Maisie for some animal crackers and Go Diego Go on the tube. I popped his pants and socks into the dryer and much to Daniel's delight, Eammon got him dressed in a pair of his Sponge Bob pants and dry socks. By the time Tim finished the yard Daniel's clothes were dry and he could lose the giant pants. Maisie and Daniel also had fun playing on the trampoline and rolling around on the mat. They were so cute laughing together and being silly, a nice way to spend a cold afternoon.


  1. Feel better soon! I'm thinking that new 3-day rule is dang smart.

    Looks like little Daniel had a great day. Who knew that an accidental dip in the pond could turn out so fun.

  2. Good lawd...shake the latest bug. You have just been plagued!!!

    I would say things worked out just swimmingly for Daniel ;0)

  3. It seems to me you need a vacay now...sorry you are sick. Allergies are the pits. The hubs and G both have 'em. Grass...they're allergic to grass for heavens sakes - it's everywhere.

    Snow? In Georgia? Seriously?

    Pipo's post cracked me up..."swimmingly"...heehee...:0)

  4. Good for you for getting to the doc!! I hope this is the last illness for you.

    Looks like Daniel was enjoying the afternoon! :o)

  5. Oh my gosh woman! We have got to get you well! Sorry you are sick again. Blah!

    We do need to get together again. I know Fridays are best for you. I am tied up the next few Fridays, but maybe we can get together in early May. I hope!


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