Saturday, March 14, 2009

Maisie rocks with videos

Oh my gosh, it's been almost two weeks since my last post. In addition to both Maisie and I being sick, I just haven't felt like blogging, being online or even opening up the computer. I've had back-to-back days go by where the computer remained unused and other than a quick check of email via my iPhone I was unplugged. You know, it was sort of nice...Being unplugged, not the sickness bit.

Maisie's thankfully over her stomach bug but before this latest sickness departed our home, it decided to kick me in the tush too...Not fun.

To celebrate the departure of the stomach bug I decided to book yet another trip. So now on our 2009 travel calendar we have Boston in June, Salt Lake City in July, Aruba the beginning of December and London to finish off the year and to ring in 2010.

Back on February 27th Maisie attended the "invitation only" team tryouts at her gym. The tryouts were from 5-7PM and even though that was at the end of a long and very busy day, the beginning of her not feeling well AND her being nap free that day, the girl rocked!! She's not eligible to be on a competitive team until she's five so she was trying out for one of the pre-competitive developmental teams. This past year she was on Fireflies and I figured that she'd move up a level to Hot Shots but instead she was invited to join the Jr. Pre-team, Go Maisie!! Maisie and one other girl from her current team will be on Jr. Pre-team and her other current teammates will be on Hot Shots. Maisie really loves her teammates and come June when the new season starts, she'll really miss being with all her friends. Check out the two Maisie gymnastics videos at the bottom of the post as I think they're pretty impressive for a three year old. But of course it's MY three year old so I'm just a proud, boasting Mama. (And yes, in the top video she is wearing her beloved Little Einstein p.j's and Princess shoes.)

The weather lately has been killing me. On Sunday two weeks ago we had snow, last Sunday it was 80 degrees and Maisie helped Eammon wash his car and this weekend is cold and rainy. One week from spring and I'm ready for some consistently warm Georgia weather.

I just bought Maisie's a hula-hoop and it's her new favorite toy. The girl's really coordinated and can get 6, 7, 8 revolutions going before it drops. Give her a week or so and I'll bet she'll be able to keep it going for minutes at a time. I love that she's having so much fun with it as I have good memories of using mine when I was a child.

I still don't get Facebook and barely ever venture there. I must not go very often as everyone is complaining about the new look and home page and I didn't notice nor do I notice any difference.

Eammon walked in on this conversation and was a bit stunned:
Maisie: But Mummy why is he so sad?
Me: Because you keep breaking his arm off.
Once he realized we were playing with Mr. Potato Head, his concerns were laid to rest.

Back in November when I was in the hospital some medical issues were discovered but this month I got only positive medical news and all those problems are worries no longer. Also positive is that meds that I've been taking since days before leaving for China back in December 2006 are done, finished and outta here!! Hopefully the side effects from taking those meds will quickly vanish too and it will all be just a distant memory.

Today I didn't get out of bed until 4:17 and that wasn't A.M it was P.M.! I just really needed a day to sleep late, relax, read and doze at will. Eammon took Maisie out for brunch and they did a little shopping and it was nice. I feel so refreshed and ready to take on another busy week with the whirling dervish Maisie.

The top video was taken today and the bottom video was taken at Maisie's gym back on February 23rd.


  1. Wow!!! Maisie is great at gymnastics!! Really impressive. It's hard to believe she is only 3. Keep up the good work girl. Linda

  2. Yay! You are off the meds! FINALLY!!!

    Love the videos of Maisie! She rocks!

    (I tried giving you a call last week and missed you. Hope to catch up with you sometime this week!)

  3. So glad you are all doing well. Oh my word, those videos!!!! She is really something else! Go Maisie!!!!

  4. Ditto the "Wow's". So much going on, good news all around!
    Have a great week (after all that sleep!)

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  5. First - Sorry you are sick. I hate that. I am starting a sore throat. Ugh. Get better. 2nd - Yeah! Trips. I never get them, so glad you do. I love your reports. Makes me feel like I am there, okay, not really there, but it helps. 3rd - Love the video. Maise is amazing! Sheesh! 4th - Can't wait to see you this summer.

  6. Wow!! What an adorable, talented little gymnast you have there!!

  7. Love the pullovers video! What a little gymnast you have there! Maddy would love to have something like that in our house! Fun!

    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  8. WOW what a gymnast. That was soo good! Loved it!

  9. Wow, I'm so impressed! Maisie is doing great! Glad you guys are feeling better. Michele

  10. Ok.. you have a true gymnast on your hands...
    She is amazing doing the pullover on the bars...
    Love it..
    Have a great week..
    Happy St. Paddy's Day..

  11. Glad to hear that things are going well and you are feeling much better! Maisie does rock - that girl is one talented gymnast. What Olympics is she targeting?!

  12. The pizza turned out FAB! It was the hit. Handed out the recipe. Hope that is are now famous with a few more Utahans.


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