Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The face of a sugarholic

Today at school was Maisie's Valentine's Day party. The children each passed out their cards with attached candy and just before dismissal time they partied with the cookies that Maisie and I had made yesterday. Maisie's bag of Valentine's cards & treats held 20+ pieces of candy and the poor girl was just desperate to get her hands on some. I did allow her to pick one treat to have in the car on the drive home but I should have known better. Between the cookie and the candy, by the time we got home Maisie was flying high on the sugar and nap time just wasn't going to happen.

Late afternoon we headed off to gymnastics and Maisie fell asleep in the car five minutes before we arrived at the gym. Surprisingly when we parked she woke up in a good mood and did really well during her practice. At the end of practice, one of Maisie's teammates Mara, passed out really large white chocolate lollipops. It was very sweet but of course Maisie wanted the chocolate right then and there and how could I say no, so on the drive home she ate a good part of the lolli. My thought being, no nap, two separate sugar highs, a busy day of school and gymnastics practice, the girl should crash early and well tonight.

Once home Maisie forgot about all the candy as we got involved in activities and making dinner (plus I had already hidden her V-day bag of treats so that she wouldn't see it when we got home.) We had dinner and played then Eammon came home and she played with him for a while, then off to bed she went. She is loving all the Valentine treats and she has enough candy already, three days before Valentine's Day, to last her an entire month!

The sugar won't end today though, as tomorrow is her last day of school before Valentine's Day and I have an extra special bento planned for her. The bento will be high on fun, color, favorite treats and sugar with almost no nutritional value, woohoo, what more could my little sugarholic ask for!!


  1. LOL! No wonder kids love Valentine's Day. Cookies, candy and lollipops - oh my!!!

  2. Unfortunately, I can relate to that addiction.

    Enjoy your Valentine's Day!

  3. That face just exudes pure happiness and satisfaction...little adorable Maisie. I wish I was there to give her a big squeeze and a hug ( and one for her Mama too)! Hope you are feeling better today.

  4. Anonymous5:18 PM

    April's party was yesterday and she woke up an hour after falling asleep with a tummy ache. Michael doesn't think she ate that much stuff, but apparently it was "just enough." Yes, April was on the same sugar high -- and I've called her a sugarholic, too. We try hard to keep it away, but I think her true love is chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate.

    So, I can definitely relate to Maisie's "love" of the sugar.


  5. Don't you just love the sugar highs that the kids can get? I see it all the time at school. Enjoy a wonderful Valentine's Day... and don't eat too much more sugar!

  6. Hey Maisie...sugarcookies are my downfall. I figure there are only a few holidays so enjoy them. You sure are cute! And happy Valentine's Day to you and your parents.


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