Tuesday, November 11, 2008

If you don't laugh you'll cry

flowers I want to first thank everyone who sent along good thoughts, prayers, cards, messages, emails and flowers as they all really helped to make being so sick somewhat easier. I'm happy to report that after 9 nights in the hospital I'm finally home but oh the stories I could tell. Five totally crazy roommates and total days lost because I was so sick and out of it. I still have a tremendous amount of recovery to do with the pneumonia as it was/is so extensive and I am still quite sick. Also, a few other medical issues were discovered whilst I was in the hospital but those are things I'll have to deal with in the near future. All-in-all it's good to be home and especially to have Maisie back in my arms. Going a week without seeing her was rough and I hope to never have to do that again.

Yesterday I had Maisie scheduled to be at a drop-off care facility in the morning so that Eammon could go into work for a few hours. He dropped her off and headed to work only to be sick on the way there having to stop to throw-up a few times. Gets to work and shortly after they sent him home because he was so sick. He heads back to pick-up Maisie and when he goes into get her he sort of passes away in a cold sweat with shivers. They lay him out in the lounge for about 1 1/2 - 2 hours until he's ready to drive again and bring Maisie home. He gets home and calls me at the hospital to tell me that he thinks he has the flu with things coming out of both ends. I tried to make some arrangements but it was late already and I knew that I'd be out of the hospital this morning and so I told him to suck-it-up (nice wife that I am) and just make due because honestly there was nothing that I could have done.

This morning he calls to tell me about his horrific night and how sick he was and how Maisie really did okay, was very protective of him and that he was too sick to come out to get me. My neighbors had offered help so when it was time to leave the hospital they came to get me and brought me home along with some homemade chicken soups and cookies (Big thanks Gene & Mary!!). I came home to find not only a total disaster in the house where Maisie had ravaged the cabinets of cookies, fruity jelly and granola bars but that Eammon did have stuff spewing out of both ends and couldn't even keep water in him. I called the doctor and they told us to come over.

So there I was fresh out of the hospital, supposed to be on as much bed rest as possible for the next week or two, driving Eammon to the doc only to be pulled over in a school zone for speeding. So I pulled over for the officer and was in the middle of a chest rattling coughing fit with black and blue puncture marks up and down my arms, only to have Eammon sort of pour himself out of the car on to the grass to start throwing up again. Then there's Maisie in the back seat sound asleep in her car seat. I then totally lost it breaking down crying because...well I'm fresh out of the hospital, still quite sick, exhausted and run down and it was just all too much for me. The officer didn't want to touch my license or anything else I would hand him but they did want to call an ambulance for us which in the end we didn't get and thankfully I didn't get a ticket either. I finally got Eammon to the doc where they ran all sort of tests and even took xrays checking him for pneumonia and hopefully we'll have some results and info tomorrow.

We're now all home now and have all the meds necessary (hopefully) to get us through the next few days. We have offers of meals to come over the next week which is so appreciated and not having to worry about shopping, cooking or getting everyone fed is a great relief. Hopefully too, fluids will start staying in Eammon and he won't have to be hospitalized. Maisie is not 100% as this has been traumatic on her and though she did SO much better than I could have imagined, she has regressed some. Most noticeably Maisie's wanting to sleep in her crib again, has had a few wetting accidents and of course she's being super clingy but I know she'll bounce back once we can get our lives back on a normal schedule and I know that soon life will return to normal.

Thanks again for all the good thoughts, wishes, prayers, help, meals and everything else as it's all truly appreciated.


  1. Anonymous10:40 PM

    Dear Lisa,
    I am so glad you are home safe and sound. So sorry you have been so sick and that your husband is sick too. Sure hope you all mend quickly!!!

  2. Mercy! I am glad to hear you are home and I must say you all need a health bug let loose in your home.

    Keep on heading in the right direction...both of you.

    I remember the hospital nightmare I had last year with pneumonia..I feel for ya because I remember that hideous time like it was last week.

  3. OMG...what an ordeal! I am glad you are all home and on the road to mending! Take care and get lots of rest!

  4. Oh LIsa, that's awful! I thought you were just busy with end of year festivities with your gorgeous family!!!

    ((hugs))... from a distance!!! Hope you get over your horrible sickness soon! Sounds like you need a break... Aruba?!!

  5. Oh sweetheart! That just sounds awful, from beginning to end (sending really positive thoughts that it IS the end). Poor you, poor Eammon, and poor Maisie. Ugh. Wish I lived a tiny bit closer so I could bring you some food. Sending huge get well wishes.

  6. Oh no! I am so sorry. Your entire family will continue to be in my prayers. Feel better!

  7. Wow, Lisa! You have been through the ringer! I'm glad that you are home safe... hope that you both get well really soon. I wish I lived closer so I could come help you! Sending lots of cyber hugs and well wishes!

  8. So glad that you are finally out of the hospital. Good save with that speeding ticket. Hopefully all three of you are on the mend and will be feeling better soon.

  9. Oh Lisa! What a horrible experience! I am so sorry. If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know. I feel so bad that I have been out of town for all these days!

    Hang in there and I'll come visit you soon!

  10. Oh Lisa- this is horrible- we'll keep everything crossed for a quick recovery for all of you- so sorry this is happening.

  11. Oh Lisa! I hope you are both better soon. What an experience.
    Thinking of all of you!


  12. Wow! Lisa what a awful experience you have been thru. I am so glad that you are feeling better, but sorry to hear that your husband is now sick. Sounds like you did an awesome job of taking care of the whole situation. Saying a prayer for a speedy recovery for you two and that Maise says well.

  13. Anonymous7:09 PM

    Okay, I came to the blog and read and omigosh, I feel so bad for all of you. Please all get better ... how horrible the past few weeks have been for you.

    I am sure Maisie will perk back up once you're all better again. Here's hoping that Eammon doesn't have pneumonia, too.

  14. Anonymous7:10 PM

    sorry, I forgot to put my name on that

    --Ilene, Michael and April

    we'll miss you on Sunday.

  15. Anonymous7:32 PM

    So glad you are home. Hope you all feel better!

  16. Oh Lisa!

    You've all been through so much! Sorry to hear how sick you and hubs both are. ((hugs)) across the miles. Wish I lived closer so I could lend a hand. Praying for you.

  17. OMG Lisa; I was just checking up on blogs after not being able to for quite some time and I saw your post. I am so sorry that you have been so ill and that now hubby is as well. Maisie is quite a resilient child and I am sure that like you said she will be fine again in no time.

    Please get well soon and huge hugs to you!

  18. Oh wow. Just came in to check up on things and to find that you have both been so ill. Prayers going up for your recovery and for Maisie's protection from sickness.

  19. Holy cow!! We'll continue to send well wishes your way. What a nightmare for you all.

  20. Are you kidding? I have a nickname for you, after that story...I think you can guess what it is, no? Lisa, you deserve some sort of award for all that has gone on this week. Please post every day so I know you are still alive. I'm worried about you, little girl. Lay on the couch and don't get up (as if that's possible with a 3 year old). If you fly to UT, I'll take care of you. I have an ice cold basement calling your name!

    Yours Truly,


  21. I am so glad you are home and feeling a little better. Best wishes for a complete recovery. We have missed you. I am sure Maise feels the same but on a bigger scale.

    I am sad your hubby is sick too. I am sorry, but I had to laugh as I read your ordeal...the policeman part just put it over the edge! Oh...hang in there!

  22. Anonymous10:16 AM

    hope you both feel better soon and that Maisie doesn't catch the family ailments.

    Judy B.

  23. Gracious! Glad to hear you are better but so sorry that DH is so sick. Hugs to you all!

  24. oh lisa, sending happy healthy thoughts your way!

  25. OMG Lisa, I'm so out of the loop I had no idea! I hope you all get better real soon!!!! HUGS!!!!!

  26. Oh yikes! I hope things got better after your last post.


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