Friday, February 01, 2008

Name game and bullets

First I want to thank everyone who left suggestions for our new blog name. All of the suggestions were so creative and fun and some just really touched me. Julie remembering that all through China we continuously sang to Maisie the song I call Bicycle Built for Two...well with my off key singing I'm sure her ears still haven't recovered ;-) Then Allison's suggestion, From Cue Ball to Cutie Pie: Our Life with Maisie, that name just really touched me because from referral day until gotcha I kept referring to Maisie as our cue ball cutie and she certainly is a cutie pie. So the new blog name? Well that you'll just have to wait a little longer for because the new header and page is still being designed but hopefully soon we'll have a new blog look with all the sparkle that is Maisie.

*Maisie must be going through a growth spurt or something because her sleep and eating patterns are way out of whack.

*Monday night Maisie awoke at 2am saying that she was hungry and wanted pizza. She was wide awake and after a few attempts to get her back to sleep I relented and brought her into the kitchen and nuked a personal pan pizza for her. Not ten minutes later she was asking for another as she had finished the first one. So what the heck, I made another one and I'll be a monkey's uncle because she polished that one off too. Finally she started to wind down at 5:30am and went back to sleep for only an hour and a half. I on the other hand never fell back asleep and had to make it through the day on only my 2 hours of sleep.

*Two nights this past week Eammon was home a little later than usual so we kept Maisie up about 45 minutes past her usual bedtime. Instead of making up the sleep time the following morning, she actually awoke earlier than usual meaning that the first number on my clock was a 5 instead of the still obscenely early 6 that I generally see. Needless to say, we're not messing with her bedtime anymore.

*Speaking of pizza, it's the only thing the little girl wants to eat right now. When I have the time and I'm prepared I make individual ones for her with lots of veggies and minced up meat hidden under the cheese and she loves them and it's a great way to get veggies and protein into her. I need to make some more and freeze them but right now the poor little girl has been eating the pre-made frozen ones and while I'm getting some meat into her, they are not the best so this weekend I'll hopefully be making some Maisie pizzas.

P1310018.JPG_Thumbnail1 *How much pizza is too much? Yesterday morning I made oatmeal for brekkie and Maisie refused it along with the yogurt, the fruit, the scrambled egg and the cream cheese sandwich all of which were placed before her. Pizza, that's what she wanted. So not to send her off to school on an empty stomach, pizza she had. Not just one mind you, Nooooo...., once again she polished off two! Lunch was a treat at school because it was pizza day and her teachers said that she ate heartily! Then to finish off the day, Orla & Rachel, Karen & Alexander and Deb, LiLi & Ian came over for an after nap play date and since all of our husbands were away or working late, we ordered in pizza for everyone. Thus, my daughter had three meals of pizza in one day...please, this isn't the norm and no one needs to call social services on us!!P1310021.JPG_Thumbnail1 
*Maisie and LiLi have so much fun with each other and the once parallel play is now real together play, so much fun to watch them together.P2010001.JPG_Thumbnail1P1310013.JPG_Thumbnail1P1310016.JPG_Thumbnail1*Deb has stopped over a few early mornings this week, after she's dropped Ian off at school and before I've had to take Maisie school or our other morning activities. It's been great, the girls have played together allowing Deb and I to sip our coffee and enjoyed adult time together. This may have to become a regular thing for us to do.

*I've started playing Mah Jongg every other Monday night with my Cobb Moms group and it's great fun. It's wonderful to be out for an evening without children even though most of the conversation revolves around the kiddos.

*We have a busy weekend planned with a Chinese New Years party Saturday night and a Superbowl party on Sunday so hopefully my next post will have lots of wonderful piccies.


  1. *LOL - OMG YOU POSTED THAT PIC!!! I thought about it :D he he!

    *So WHAT is the name of the new blog????

    * Doesn't Pizza sound good for dinner at my house tomorrow :D

    *What kind of coffee creamer should I pick up for Monday?

    * Hug :D (of the Ladybug variety ofcourse)


  2. I say you can never have too much pizza :)

    I used to play Mah Jong and I loved it!!!! I'd love to get into doing that again, if only I had ppl to play with in my area... *sigh*.

  3. Kids go thru food things!! My granddaughters ate mac & cheese for probably the first 3 yrs of their lives..They would eat pizza and hot dogs also. Now they eat most things. Your little one is sure getting bigger and cuter by the day..Notice her smile is bigger then ever...Linda

  4. Gotta love Maisie in the bathroom, for encouragement?!!

    Pizza is God's gift to children?!! (oh, and bachelors?!!)

  5. If you have time in the near future, could you pretty please post your pizza recipe? I know you're a fabulous cook, so I'd really like to know how you whip this up. It sounds like something Chloe would like. I'm looking forward to the new blog look!

  6. Pitsa, as Maylin says, is a good thing to love. It has all the food groups doesn't it? Can't believe she's eating it tho' the middle of the night. I love pizza, but not that much. Can't wait to see the new look and new name.

  7. We use to play Mah Jong and I really liked it. I do not know if we would even remember any more how to play.
    I am right there with Maisie on loving pizza:)
    Some morning you should make her a breakfast pizza with eggs and sausage on pizza crust. Yummy!!!
    Can not wait to see your new blog.

  8. I wanna come live at your house and eat pizza all the time! For that matter, the breakfast Maisie turned down sounds pretty good, too. ;)

    Can't wait to see the blog makeover!

  9. Pizza for breakfast is delicious!! Happy for you all - you're doing great (even sleep deprived)!!

    LID 01/27/06

  10. LOL welcome to the food rut stage. I guess there are worse foods she could select.

    I have a really simple pizza that I make my kids. I use whole wheat English Muffins, toppings of choice and, pre packaged pizza sauce and cheese.

    If you want you can mix your sauce with pureed veggies of choice. Half and half should do the trick.

    I simply heat these under the broiler for a few minutes and have a quick, easy meal or snack.

  11. OMG! The pizza story is too funny!


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