Friday, April 06, 2007

The good, the bad and the snotty

The Good: Yesterday I moved the tented pnp into Maisie's room and last night she spent the entire night in her own room! She did so well, I can't tell you how pleased I am. We had a very busy day yesterday and I waited to put her to bed until she was falling down tired. It did take her about 15 minutes to settle down and fall asleep and then she was good until about 10:15 where she wouldn't settle herself back down so I had to go rock her a bit to get her back to sleep. This was probably her first night ever sleeping alone and she did so well. Tonight she was quiet and drifting off to sleep in just about two minutes. Let's hope that this is the beginning of a great sleep pattern for little Miss Maisie.

Another Good: Maisie is now legal in her already forward facing car seat! Yesterday was a visit to the doctor for Maisie's 18 month appointment which included three injections. It's difficult to believe that in eleven days she'll be 18 months old because we've had her for what seems like forever, but she's still so new to us that it just seems impossible for her to 18 months old. OK for the good bit, She weighed in at 20.1#, probably due in part to all the water and half a bag of goldfish she inhaled just before being weighed, but hey I'll take it. Eammon and I really thought she would weigh about 22-23# as she seems so much heavier than when we first met her but in fact, since we first received Maisie in December, she's gained a mere 15oz!! Based on looking at Maisie in person and in pictures, we were sure that she added at least 2" in height but there too we over estimated as she's only 0.75" taller than when we first met her, now being 30.5" tall. Maybe it's the hair, standing upright or her emerging personality and confidence that makes her appear so much larger than life.

The Bad: This morning Maisie woke up with the cold that I started coming down with about two days ago. Her temperature in the morning was as high as 102.5 but over the course of the day it steadily reduced and by bedtime it was down to 99.8. Hopefully by morning she'll be back to a normal temperature. Poor little girl spent most of the day sleeping on my chest, I just hope that with so much sleep during the day she'll still be able to sleep through the night.

The Snotty: That would be me, Maisie and let's just say that the shirt I wore today, that she slept on all day, has never been so crunchy and has definitely seen cleaner days.

Finally, here's a little video of Maisie saying "duck". She usually says it over and over but because I was filming, she only said it once. It's just so cute how she says it though so I thought I'd include the video.


  1. Gosh, she is a beauty !
    I love the feathery visitors too.
    Here in Eastern Canada, we still have snow so no ducks for us yet.
    Hope you are feeling well soon.

  2. DUCK!!! I heard it loud and clear! What a little cutie, even if she is snotting momma's shirt and all. Way to go Maisie for sleeping in your very own room!!! Hope things will continue to go well with this sleep thing.

  3. She is so cute! Sorry about the snot!

  4. I hope everyone is feeling better! Welcome to the barely over 20 lb club!!!

  5. Yeah! for the new sleeping arrangements. That is so exciting I am sure.

    I hope she is feeling better today. The video is so cute.

  6. Cute! I couldn't help but think duck, duck...where's the goose?

    Hope your household is snot free and sleeping the nights away soon.

  7. Awesome, awesome news on the sleeping! Hooray for everyone. :-)

  8. Anonymous8:18 PM

    Do NOT turn Maisie forward facing unless you want to increase the risk of her spine breaking or her skull literally being ripped from her body. Please watch this informative video on youtube (the video is not gruesome and has no video of children being injured) Keep maisie safe!!!!!

  9. hope everyone is back to form for Easter! The duck video is adorable- and she says it loud and clear! Happy Easter and can't wait to see pics of her all dressed up and hunting for new pic of Cai Wei is up....pony tail!

  10. Oh that video just made me giggle! God she's so cute. Hope she's feeling better too.

  11. Crunchy shirts! Just what I'm looking forward to in motherhood! HA!

  12. Very cute and what a nice spot to sit for a snack! Hope you all are feeling better soon.

  13. Snotty baby = still cute!! Sorry - hope you all are feeling better soon!

  14. Hooray for the sleeping! Seriously, Maisie saying duck is the cutest thing I've heard all day.

  15. I love good sleeping news!!!!


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