Monday, September 12, 2005

One month down, 5 to go...hopefully

Saturday marked the one month anniversary of our dossier being logged in at CCAA. I am keeping my fingers crossed that in 5 months, we will be holding a picture of our daughter. I have been a little disheartened in reading that some people who received their referrals in the past week or two, have not been able to get consulate appointments until November. What this means is that once they receive their referral, they have to wait an additional 8 weeks or more until they can travel to their child. I hope that the U.S Consulate in Guangzhou speeds up somewhat, now that the move to their new location is complete.

So, how am I passing the time? I have been trying to keep busy, busy, busy. Thursday night I had my book club meeting where we discussed both The Color of Water and Doctors from Hell. Then I came home, and since I have been having a major bout of insomnia, I read our next book selection, The Secret Life of Bees. By the time our October meeting rolls around, I'll have forgotten what I read! Friday I attended a delightful luncheon at my friend Barb's home. It was a glorious day and we were able to lunch on the lanai, sharing stories, recipes and laughs. Friday night I went to Aspen's for dinner with the ladies group from my old neighborhood. It was good to visit with them, as now that we've moved, I see most of them very infrequently.

Saturday I met with fellow adoptive Moms, Cindy, Jill & Sonia where we lunched at The Fickle Pickle and then shopped at Little Shop of Samples where Sonia found an adorable outfit for her daughter. Saturday night, to continue with my weekend of food, my subdivision held a Mexican Fiesta night at the pool, where they brought in a frozen Margarita machine and catered food. It was fun meeting and conversating with our neighbors. Sunday we were scheduled to have a BBQ, but luckily it was cancelled and I was able to go shopping for prezzies for my secret pals. I have 2 secret pals to whom I send gifts monthly, up until about the time of our referrals. For my July DTC pal I was shopping with a "something for Mom" theme in mind and for my August DTC pal, the theme was "ladybugs". I found some wonderful items, but I can't tell you what they are, as my pals may read my blog! But, I hope that they like what I found, as I would love to have all the items that I purchased.

This week I plan to continue working on the nursery. I need to go to Home Depot to get the supplies to make a cornice board, and also pick up some curtain rods. I may even pull out the sewing machine and make the curtains. At lunch on Saturday, Sonia shared her daughter's wish book with us, it is spectacular and it has inspired me to get started on Baby S's book so I plan to work on that this week too. I also need to cut some fabric and get some wishes made for the August DTC swap, in which I am participating. I have to order The Pilots Wife for my November book club meeting, and I have already read The Kite Runner, our January book. I have 2 doctor appointments scheduled for this week, and just waiting for them, since they both tend to run extremely late, will kill 2 days. I have to do some research on air conditioner units and schedule some companies to come give us estimates, as all 3 of our compressors need to be replaced before the end of the year!! Friday is our Anniversary and we have planned a quiet weekend of together time. Maybe though, over the weekend Eammon and I will attempt to assemble the crib, then again we do have 5 months.


  1. WOW! What a fun weekend you had!! I have heard good things about "The Secret Lives of Bees".... everytime I go to check it out, it's gone. :(

    Let me know how you like it!

    -Lisa :)

  2. I'm tired just reading about your weekend. Must nap now!

  3. Love the book The secret life of Bees! I let my one month LID anniversary slip by without any celebration...I guess it's never too late!


  4. With all that you have to do, the waiting time is going to fly by for you! Wow! How do you fit it all into your schedule?

  5. Hey Lisa! Happy Monday. :-) Now you've got a few days to rest up from your amazingly productive weekend. (you nut!)

    Two questions:
    - Did you like the Secret Life of Bees and would you recommend it to a friend (like me!)
    - That cornice board thing looks very cool! Have you made one before? If so, how hard was it? Can you do the whole thing using a glue gun and never even have to sew? If so, I might be game to try one!

  6. Lisa,
    I am an avid reader too, and read "Kite Runner". Amazing, wasn't it?

  7. Congrats on one month down.....we are in the waiting process as well....we are waiting for our baby girl or twins from Taiwan....
    can't wait until "that day!!"

  8. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Reading is a great way to pass the time. I do remember how hard that wait was. Hang in there! I am so excited for you!! You are getting close! The nursery, by the was is great! Such a cute table, are those drawers that open underneath? I love the "small" stuffed animals, too. The table and chairs are so fun! It all looks so fresh and interesting. I love it! Best wishes!


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