Saturday, March 12, 2005

Home Study Orientation meeting

I am so sick with bronchial pneumonia, I really should have spent the day in bed, not going near anyone. Had I done that though, we'd have had to wait an entire month before we could start our home study. Our agency CCAI, requires that all families attend a Home Study Orientation Meeting which thankfully counts as the first of the four required pre-adoption home study visits. So, this morning Eammon and I attended the meeting with a room full of hopeful adoptive families. In my drugged cough drop popping state, it seemed as though many of the families had not read a single page of the documentation that had been previously sent to them so there were lots and lots and lots of questions.

We didn't really have the opportunity to talk to any of the other people as I think they were avoiding us. Truth be told, I do sound like a hacking, boozing, chain smoking Barry White...Shoot I'd stay away from me if I could!

In the end though, we submitted our autobiographies, our home study service agreement, our home study payment, copies of our water and sewer bills and our safe home checklist. Reference letters have been sent and received by our listed references. Now that we have attended this meeting, our assigned social worker should be contacting us within the next week to start our visits.

Now finally, a piece of advice. If you're going to be popping lots and lots of cough drops, make sure to use the ones with sugar, not the sugarless as they cause other problems and when you're already sick you don't need these problems too! Take my word, lesson learned.

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