Wednesday, August 05, 2009

It's Wednesday with Maisie

I'm really soaking up and enjoying my time and days with Maisie. We're usually so busy running around and with a schedule filled with activities or we're traveling or visiting with friends, to have whole days back-to-back where it's just us, and us being healthy, it's really wonderful.

Today we had to be home for the satellite company to come and switch out and change around our equipment so we had a planned morning at home. Since we had to move most of Maisie's toys in the family room so the guy could get to our television and connections, we took on a major clean-up and sorted and packed away all the items that Maisie's out grown or which no longer hold her interest. All her toys are so organized now, let's see how long it lasts!

Maisie was truly a help this morning but at the same time, a real character, as evidenced by her choice of fashion accessories. The knee and elbow pads were hidden by numerous other toys so she hadn't seen them in a while and as soon as she spotted them she was all over them. In addition, I finally put new batteries in her camera and she just had a blast taking piccies of anything and everything and was thoroughly delighted with every picture she took. The only unfortunate thing about Maisie and her camera is that she loves the delete button as much as the shutter button and is wicked fast so no picture lasts for more than a few seconds!

Maisie again spent time practicing with her hula hoop and what she could do yesterday pales in comparison to her ability today. Time after time today she was able to keep the hula hoop going for multiple minutes at a go! I've said it many times before but she amazes me with her strength and coordination and really once she figures out how to coordinate her muscles in the proper order and way, she's so physical and just rocks at whatever she sets her mind to do.

My big score for the day, I listed Maisie's play set on Craigslist and within 14 minutes had responses and it was sold! The guy came tonight, paid and picked it up and the greatest part of it all...I sold it for exactly what I paid for it back in July 2007 so in the end, it was a great, fun and free piece of play equipment that Maisie loved, out grew and we made our money back...Gotta love it!


  1. CUTE!!! Maisie looks so tall in that picture! Maybe it si the knee pads???

  2. I loved seeing you doing the hula hoop sweetpea. I can hardly believe how good you have become.

    see you in a little while



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