Friday, August 07, 2009

Friday with...

You guessed it, my girl Maisie! Just a quick post tonight and only one sad cell phone piccie today. I was up way too late last night as Eammon didn't arrive home from work until just after 11:30PM and we didn't get to bed until around 1am. Maisie of course awoke at the stroke of 6am and ran full tilt all day long.

haircut1 8-7-09Maisie's day started with a bath and then we headed out to get her haircut. We arrived at the salon five minutes after it opened and there were already 9 people ahead of her!! I guess not the best day to go for a haircut being that public schools in our county start on Monday so a lot of parents had the same idea of a back-to-school haircut today. The wait wasn't too bad though as most people wanted and waited for their favorite hairdresser so in the end there was only one cut and one baby bang trim before Maisie. Maisie really loves going to Miss Tina to have her hair cut and I'm sure it has nothing to do with the never ending supply of animal crackers and dum dum lollies.

From the hairdresser we headed out to do a little shopping which ended up lasting a lot longer than first planned. Maisie was so good while I was looking at things so we went with it. Maisie loved that she had absolute junk for lunch in the form of cinnamon sugar pretzel bites and after that and all the treats at the hairdresser, she was too full to eat anything nutritious. We didn't actually get home until mid-afternoon and I was going to take Maisie to the pool but Eammon called to let me know that he would be home shortly so Maisie and I played together and once Eammon got home the three of us headed out for dinner. All of us are really tired tonight so it's going to be an early night. In fact, Eammon put Maisie to bed a short while ago and he fell asleep before she did so in a few minutes when I head to bed I'll have to wake him so that he can move to our bed. I'm hoping that Maisie sleeps until at least 7am tomorrow. It's been a great week together with my girl but I'm knackered and off to lala land...night, night.


  1. Crossing my fingers for 7am!! :-)

  2. We have been out of town for a week. Nice to catch up on the blogs. It was so great to see that you are doing well. Hoping for some sleep for you!

  3. Plumptom is Austin's account....didn't know he was logged in.



  4. Cute hair! I'm thinking of getting Eliza a cute, little sassy cut for school. I mentioned it last week and she has been begging me ever since. We'll see!


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