Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Brought to you by the letter "F"

Get your mind out of the gutter!!

This morning Eammon and I went into Atlanta to get re-fingerprinted. Hopefully this will be the only part of the process we'll have to re-do and re-pay for and this never-ending adoption will soon come to an end before we have to do anything else over again. I do have to say, the location where they do fingerprints now is much nicer than where we went the first time. It was easy to find, plenty of parking and it was a nice big, clean space. Just like last time they were quick, our appointment was for 9am and we were back in the car on the way to Eammon's office by 9:28am...not too bad.

After I dropped Eammon off at his office, I came home as decided it was a good morning to pull some weeds. It rained last night which helped loosen up the Georgia clay baked brick soil, but man were those weeds wanting to hang around. I was so pleased when my neighbor stopped over with a jar of homemade fig jam, it was the perfect excuse to stop work in the yard and wash the mud and sweat off my body.

So fingerprints and figs, our "F" words of the day.


  1. It's a wonderful day if that's as colorful as the 'F' words get!

    Enjoy the ffffffigs with your freshly printed ffffffingers ;0)

  2. new building, huh? It took us FOREVER to find the old building (and parking), and we were in there for about an hour!

    The letter "f"
    I immediately thought FUDGE.
    shows you where my mind is.

  3. Fig jam sounds heavenly!

    I'm thinking I'll have to redo my fingerprints twice if China doesn't get it together. Sheesh!

  4. We're going next Tuesday for our re-fingerprinting. I hope it goes as quickly as yours did.

    I don't think I've ever tasted fig jam before, sounds good!

  5. How Fabulous that everything went smoothly for you today!

  6. The re-fingerprinting for us seemed to be much easier also! Maybe this is a sign of Future Fantastic Fings to come. (Okay, I was out of "f" words!)

  7. F----UN!!! F word from me!!!



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