Friday, July 21, 2006

Where have all the babies gone?

Well, the weekend has started in China and no new updates to their website stating that matches have been made and referrals mailed. Hopefully next week we'll have some news of lots of babies being matched to waiting parents which will allow us to move up closer to the head of the queue and that much closer to Baby S.

Since I don't yet have a picture of Baby S and no new local adopters have been matched where I could post adorable pictures, I'll have to do the next best thing and show you how my babies have grown! As you can see, my little babies are all grown up...Where does the time go... The three at the door are the goslings! Remember just a few months ago when they looked like this?

Have a great weekend and keep your fingers, toes, arms, legs and even eyes crossed, that next week there'll be good news on the adoption front.


  1. Wow, those little honkers got really big really fast! Do they fly south or north or where ever?

  2. Oh my God that was fast! I bet our daughters will seem to grow that fast as well!

  3. Anonymous3:46 PM


    I love reading your blog. You always have something so interesting going on with your time. I love all the get togethers you and your fellow adopters have, makes my social life real boring!! I love, love your wish quilt. I have one special friend like your who offered to make my wish quilt for Isabella and it will be a treasure forever. I won't let anyone touch it!! LOL I sent you a piece of fabric all the way from Canada and I think I see it in your quilt. Anyway, it is beautiful and baby S will enjoy looking at it and reading all her wishes.

    Cindy Leger
    Mommy to Isabella Xiaoliu--home 6 months already!!!

  4. Anonymous4:51 AM

    There's a rumor china is suspending adoptions? Is this true?

  5. Well, aside from anonymous above being a moron, very kewl pics of the geese. I grew up with ducks and chickens and they were a blast!

  6. I can't believe it- that's one of the cutest things I've ever seen. Even though they look all grown up now I have a sneaking suspicion they still consider themselves your "babies" and want their corn flakes- pronto!

  7. wgWaWa is soooo very excited that your time is coming near! We talked about it at length today. Hugs from Cleveland.

  8. Great picture. Do you ever feel like Tippie Hedron in the "Birds"?

  9. Holy cow they look like adults! And I just love how they come right up to the door- gimme some food lady!

  10. They have gotten HUGE!!! That is just way cute that they look in at you like that!


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