Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Princess Maisie

Maisie loves dressing in one of her dress-up gowns or walking around in her princess dress-up shoes and beads but because Mama was too busy to get all that out, Maisie resorted to just wearing one of her crowns today.

P1080006 We've been having a good week thus far. Yesterday we met up with our library play group friends and it was so fun and amazing to see how all the children have grown since we last saw them in early December. After nap time I took Maisie to get her hair cut. Last time she chose to sit in the fire engine but yesterday the police car struck her fancy. Once again Maisie was a star at the salon, yeah haircuts!!

Today Maisie returned to Mother's Morning Out and had a fantastic day, not one tear was shed!! She came home with a bag full of treats and gifts as her teachers had held all of her Christmas gifts for her as we had been away on vacation for most of December. One of the gifts is a Trader Joe's Advent Calendar which contains 24 pieces of chocolate. Interesting thing about the chocolate though, when reading the nutrition facts the serving size is 12 pieces, only 2 servings per container. For some reason it just makes me giggle. You are to get one chocolate per day but if you really go crazy and can't wait to count the days until Christmas or you receive the calendar after Christmas and know it won't last until next year, you can't really do too much damage with twelve days of chocolate equaling a serving.

This afternoon we ran a couple of errands and in the dollar bins were some small magnadoodle type toys and since we destroy and lose these on a regular basis the dollar ones work best for us. Maisie destroyed her last one in early November so having a new one today is a treat, one that kept her busy for a good hour!!


  1. She looks so grown up!! Must be her stylish bob. CUTE!

  2. A lovely, smiley princess!

    Keep smilin!

  3. She is growing up so fast. That was my first thought when I saw the pic. Cute socks!

  4. What a cute princess! She looks so grown up.

  5. I have the same thoughts as everyone else. She looks so grown up. Great smile!

  6. That is the cutest picture!! I think she should wear a crown everyday! :)

  7. Love Maisie's new haircut! So cute! I need to get Briana some of those magnadoodle things!

  8. Good to know, because, um, well, I ate my fair share of the girls' advent chocs when they weren't looking. Haha, they can't count yet, so that chocolate is fair game!!! ;-)


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