Monday, October 02, 2006

Weekend in review

Things in the Shanahan home are finally starting to calm down. Saturday morning Christine and I did some last minute shopping as she still had greenbacks burning a hole in her pocket and was still well under the weight limit on luggage. I'm sure that she's back at work this morning still trying to adjust to GMT.

Saturday evening our group of local adopters met for dinner where there were lots of laughs and plenty of good food. Ilene and Michael were proudly showing off pictures of their adorable daughter April, who they will meet in just a few short weeks.

I purchased petrol for less than $2.00/gal. Not great but getting better.

On Sunday Eammon and I did lots of yard work and garage cleaning. Neither is finished but at least we made a good start.

One week down since the last batch of referrals so we're one week closer to Baby S because we're next!! I think I'm starting to nest because I've had the desire to go through the entire house with a big rubbish bag, cleaning out all the junk, so off to do all my fun cleaning!


  1. Happy nesting.

    I thought of you yesterday when I was in Targets toy department they had all these giraffes. They have just redone the whole store and now have lots of little model animals and had loads of pandas and giraffes everywhere.You just sprung into my head.

  2. Anonymous1:27 PM

    I have that same urge too. Yesterday I cleaned out the bathroom cabinets and the linen closet that was full of junk and it felt SO good. I also moved all the cleaning supplies out from under the kitchen sink (after you and I talked about that), and I still need to do the rest of the kitchen. That will come sometime later next week. I'm running out of things to declutter and I may have to spread out to a neighbor or friend's house!

    Can't wait for your referral! Perhaps we will be feeling that wonderful parental feeling @ the same time!

  3. Doug and I had a great time Saturday night! Thanks for hosting!


  4. Again, sorry we missed it.

    Happy nesting!!

  5. Waiting eagerly for the next batch of referrals and Baby S.

    Thank goodness such happy things keep me going to :0)

  6. Petrol for less than $2?? That is incredible.

    Gurl, you are so incredibly flippin close! XO

  7. Thanks for arranging the meet. We had a wonderful time.
    Peace and Referrals

  8. I am so thrilled for you guys as is WaWa! Aren't you just dancing on air?


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