Friday, October 27, 2006

Maybe Monday or Tuesday???

First off, the package that I was tracking on Tuesday unfortunately did not contain referrals. BUT, maybe this new one I'm watching does. It left Beijing Friday afternoon (Beijing time) and will hopefully be at our agency on Monday.

In preparing for our trip we have purchased some new adult toys. Get your mind out of the gutter! We have a very old digital camera and while it takes good pictures it's big, bulky and isn't able to hold many pictures on the memory cards. But now we're all set to look like true American tourists. We have a lovely new tiny digital camera, a shiny little digital camcorder as well as a small 1 GB MP3 Thumb Drive. It's amazing because the camcorder is smaller than my current digital camera and the all three of these items together weigh just a few ounces more than just my current camera. I'm making things easy and light for our carry-on-only adventure.

Speaking of carry-on-only, I finally have my packing list completed and I've done a test pack and it's no problem. We should have no worries that we can get it all packed, under the weight limit and with room to spare. I'm ready to go, now bring on those referrals!!!!

I love all the guesses and wonderful comments that people are making for where Baby S is as well as her weight and birthdate. Keep them coming, I love reading them and once we get our referral I'll announce a winner.


  1. You must be out of your mind!! (although you seem very calm...) I think I am more freaked out waiting for you to hear.

    At least she's on her way to you!! Love to new adult goodies. Let us know how you end up liking the video camera - we want a new one for our trip. :-)

  2. I keep checking in with you....way too often. I was hoping news would arrive before the weekend.

    Love the new gadgets!

  3. Anonymous12:52 PM

    gosh...i hope it is...we have lots to do this weekend (thank goodness!!) or I may completely loose my mind! enough is enough...BRING THEM ON!!! :) like all your new toys...very nice! :)

  4. Monday???? Tuesday??? Do these people know you're dying over here? I was so hoping you wouldn't have to wait the weekend out... well, good things are worth the wait, and your baby is DEFINITELY an awesomely, amazingly, good thing! So, what are we cooking tonight? :)

  5. Anonymous1:23 PM


    I am like a crazy person, checking your site and the RQ site for some news! I can't wait to read your referral exciting!

    We are all living through it with you :)

  6. What an amazing deal on that video camera! I'm tempted to get one, too. I just can't believe the price.

    Let us know how you like it!

  7. Cool toys! You will def. have a great use for them soon!

    Keep smilin!

  8. I already told you my guess but I better put it in writing...12 months old girl from Hunan or Jiangxi

  9. You're doing a great job keeping your cool. I'm sure Monday can't come soon enough in your household!

    Very cool toys - enjoy :0)

  10. Hope the weekend isn't too long for you. Looks like you are all set to regard the fabulous moments though!

  11. I meant record;)

  12. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Sorry the package didn't have what you were hoping for in it.

    As for the Carry On Only - don't forget those nasty new liquid restrictions - get your ziploc bags ready!

    Judy B.

  13. OH! You made me gasp when you said there is another package coming!! You sneaky girl you! ;)

  14. Love the digital camera - the small size will make it easy to carry around China.

  15. I've got to know how you're doing it. What the heck are you leaving off all those packing lists that I've seen?????

  16. Anonymous4:27 PM

    Very cool toys indeed. This wait on referrals is killing me! I want to hear good news from you asap.

  17. So glad to know that you are tracking packages. This may be the last weekend evah that you won't know Baby S.'s face!

  18. Anonymous5:31 PM

    I was looking at this blog and these folks had an interesting experience. They may be able to get more pictures of their daughter as she was in foster care.

    Anyway, it seemed like something you might want to look into when you do get your girl's information.

    Enjoy your site so much.

  19. Ooh, I hope that package is the one you have been waiting for! Can't wait to see pictures of your little one!

    I'm sure the weekend will drag by, but try and have a good one!

  20. Come on referrals... we are anxiously waiting for you too! It will be worth the wait.

  21. Oh you have to have a hunan baby girl - 14 lbs - 2/23 (same bday as XinMin)

  22. Wow. I dont think I have ever heard of such a calm mummy to be! What's the secret....HUH HUH HUH. Sorry, getting alittle neurotic here waiting for YOUR package :)

  23. We are NOWHERE near as close as you, to going to China! But was just talking with hubs today, about purchasing a new digital movie camera. Think we'll buy one of the new "hard-drive" ones.

    Fingers crossed for some EXCELLENT news on Monday! Woo hoo!

  24. Great toys, Lisa! Documenting your journey will be so much fun! You are so prepared...I can't wait to get my hands on your packing list:)

    Thanks for being so strong. You are helping us get through the wait as well. Our girls are on their way!!!

  25. Anonymous4:02 PM

    I was impressed by, and lost of course, an extreme packing list for carry on only packing with the addition of plans to purchase other suitcases there for overflow. What is the best packing list you have found whether for carry on only with most meds in tiny sheets that melt on the tongue or regular packing?

  26. I keep checking in. Hopefully Monday will be the day!!!!!


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