Friday, July 08, 2005

oooooooooooo......... Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

Final fish count for the Narciso visit, girls 6:boys 1. Hayley was the fishing queen and caught more fish than anyone else! Poor Rich, the only one who "knew" what he was doing, only caught one bass. He stayed out last night, until well after dark, because any minute, the fish would start biting!

Yesterday, we all went down to World of Coke. What a self promoting piece of crap joke! They charge $9/adult, $5/child so that they can brainwash you with 1,200 artifacts of memorabilia and a glitzy movie of coke from around the world. Of course before you walk out, they have one last drug, when they tempt you into a sugar high with all their samples. That way, when you pass though, the only way out, massive, buy me, buy me, buy me gift store, you are too sugar stupid not to buy any overpriced, promote my product for free, doesn't everyone love coke, junk!

Just across the road, was Underground Atlanta, where Hayley picked Johnny Rockets for lunch. Lunch was just as Rich said it would be..."it's a burger joint, ya get what ya get." Underground was tourist trap without sunlight. Karen did buy some wonderful pralines (almost as good as the ones I make), at a little candy store where they were making them in the window. Then, the Narciso's had a lovely family picture taken with 5 beautiful, colorful and very large parrots. I wish that I had a scanner, as the picture was perfect, and I hope that they scan it, so that I can get a copy. This was my first visit to any of these places, so even though I complain, and wouldn't go again, it was still a very fun afternoon. Amazing how good friends can make anything fun.

At that point, Brandon was ready to go back to the house and fish. Of course once back, he sacked out on the couch and watched Sponge Bob videos while cuddling with Eammon's Sponge Bob and Patrick pillows. Yes, Eammon has the complete set of dvd's and the pillows...just what every "grown" man needs.

Last night was gorgeous, so it was a perfect night to eat outside, overlooking Rich fishing the pond. They had never had Eammon's favorite ruby (Indian food), consisting of Chicken Tikka Masala, Potato and Onion Bhaji and Saag Aloo, so that is what I made for them. Dinner was wonderful, and there are enough leftovers, that I don't have to cook tonight!

The first night the Narciso's were here, I made Blacksmith pizzas, which are grilled pizzas. They are named in honor of my blacksmith friend, George Martell, who years ago, taught me how to make these wonderful delicacies. Check out some of his metal work, especially the teapot table and chairs that George made as my kitchen set. Karen had put in her order for my chocolate pecan pie, so that was dessert.

As if we didn't have enough food the past two day, I still wanted to make sure that they had a true southern dining experience before heading home, so off to Waffle House for breakfast. It was funny, Karen didn't understand one word that the waitress said, but northerners don't understand most southernese. I think the problem was, our waitress had almost a full set of teeth. See, for those of you who don't have breakfast chains that *pale* in comparison to the "high standard" set by Denny's or IHOP, you wouldn't understand. The way that it works, is, the fewer teeth that your waitress has, the better and more attentive the service. Our waitress appeared to have almost a full compliment...don't know why we bothered to stay! They all enjoyed their waffles, and their scattered, smothered and covered. Then back to the house so Brandon could have one last dose of Cartoon Network before their long, 17 hour drive home.

Already, I'm experiencing empty nest syndrome. Now that they have left, my house is so quiet. No sweet, calming sounds of, oooooooooooo......... Who lives in a pineapple under the sea...

London bombing update: Thank you to everyone for your concerned calls and emails. Thankfully all of our family and friends in London are safe and were not, at the time of the bombings, in any of the affected areas.


  1. Anonymous1:43 AM

    Hello, hello! We're back home and of course I must blog before I sleep... Glad to see you had an action-packed week. And I don't know what that pineapple under the sea thing is, so I'm thinking it must have something to do with that spongey bob character? Guess we'll learn all about it when we finally have a kid in the house.

    Now about your paperwork, I'm getting a little concerned that it's not off to China yet. Don't they know that we NEED to be in the same DTC month? Maybe I should call someone to explain the urgency? :-)

  2. Anonymous8:44 AM

    I LOVE the teapot table and chair. What a cool kitchen set. They seem to match the bar stools that you have at the kitchen counter. Very nice.


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