Friday, July 22, 2005

I'm a horrible wife

This week I have been knocked out trying to recover from strep throat. I spent two days sounding like Barry White and now, even though I sound better, I still have been feeling less than peppy. I decided today to go back to the my doctor (not MUWL doctor!) as my chest, sinuses and ears now hurt too. I know that I must really have something as I allowed vampire Will, the phlebotomist, to draw blood...but only with a butterfly, with me in a private room, laying down...and yes, I passed out. The doc thinks that I have a combination sinus/chest infection but is testing my thyroid because of where the pain in my throat/chest is located. He changed my antibiotics to something supposedly better, newer and definitely more expensive!

So why am I a horrible wife? Last night Eammon came home from work and asked what's for dinner, hoping not to have leftovers again. I told him I was thinking about hotdogs. His response? "Sounds great!" (He is so good...and easy!) So I took the frozen block of dogs out of the freezer, handed it to him along with a package of buns and returned my butt to the sofa, but not before grabbing my 4th Jell-O pudding snack, fat-free tapioca of the day. Hmmm...4 tapiocas, a giant strawberry shortcake bar and a giant chocolate eclair bar all in one day! My only defense, my throat hurt and that's all I had. (Does that work?)

Well, I still don't feel like cooking but to make up for hotdogs last night, on my way home from the doc I stopped at Joli Kobe, a fabulous bakery and picked up a couple of Yakisoba buns and a sausage bun. Eammon can have those tonight, he'll enjoy them and I don't have to cook!


  1. Lisa, I had quite the chuckle imagining you sitting on the sofa eating tapioca pudding and talking like Barry White! I'm glad you're feeling better though.

    Did I read somewhere that your husband is a Brit? If so, we have that in common! Our taste in food is completely opposite and our daughter is going to have to learn to like peanut butter AND Marmite (but not at the same time -- yuck!)


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  3. Donna,

    Yes, Eammon is a Brit. His taste in food has changed dramatically since coming to the states and will eat almost anything I put in front of him. He doesn't eat Marmite, but does eat peanut butter and butter (yes, together!) sandwiches. He thinks that pb&j is disgusting!

    Lisa ~~


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