Monday, May 16, 2011

How lucky am I?

Maisie likes to know what the activities and plans are for each day so every morning when we first wake up we talk about what will be happening that day.  During the school year Maisie has a good handle on each days schedule and will tell me something along the lines of, I have school and we start with prayer and I have phonics, English, a math test, then homework and gymnastics, etc., etc.  Now that she is on summer break she doesn’t have a regular schedule so it’s more of me telling her about what’s going to be happening each day. 

When we woke up this morning she asked what we had planned for the day.  I told her that she had to go into school to finish up her Stanford testing and then we would be home for lunch, she would go with me to the doctor and then she had gymnastics.  Maisie had already completed most of her testing last week in between all the other activities but since she was the only first grader taking the test (it is not required for first graders) they just didn’t finish it all with her so she needed to go in today to complete the last section or two.  Maisie asked if any of her classmates would be at school and I told her that since she was the only one taking the test, that she would be the only one there.  She looked me square in the eyes and said, “how lucky and I that I get to test all by myself!”  Shoot, how lucky am *I* that my little girl loves school so much that she looks forward to and thinks she’s special because she gets to go to school and take tests that no one else in her class “gets” to do.

IMG_7499It didn’t take long for Maisie to complete her testing and she was on top of the world happy that she was the only one special enough to be there with Miss. Andrea all by herself.

Now we wait for the results!


  1. LOL! She is too cute. She got one on one treatment at school that day. Nice!

  2. That is so sweet!
    Yeah!! To Maisie!! How incredible she is taking the state tests in first grade! Very Impressive!!

  3. Maisie is such a hoot! I'm sure I would have been major grumbling if I were the only one who had to finish a test on the first week of my summer break. What an awesome attitude your girl has.


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