Monday, May 09, 2011

Celebrating without cake?

This weekend we went out Saturday for my birthday dinner and Sunday we enjoyed a Mother’s day dim sum brunch but to Maisie it just wasn’t a real celebration as there was no cake and she just doesn’t understand how there can be a celebration without cake.  Honestly though, we make cakes and cupcakes all.the.time but no one in the house really eats them.  Eammon and I could split one cupcake and still throw half away and Maisie, well she just licks off the frosting and takes maybe one bite of the cake and is done.  So even though we love to bake cupcakes for Maisie’s class or really for any reason they go to waste in our house.  I have a rule when I bring cupcakes or treats to Maisie’s school or gym and that is, none of the leftovers get sent home.  I don’t care who takes the extras home with them, who the extras are given to or even if they are thrown away, all that matters is that I get my empty containers back and that is all. 

That being said I did have a bit of a craving for “cake” but in the form of banana bread and as luck would have it, I had six black perfectly-ripe-for-banana-bread bananas rotting maturing on my counter.  I love banana bread but I’ve never made one where I’ve said, “oh I HAVE to make this again” as they all lacked something either in flavor or texture.  A few months ago I was cooking and had the television on in the background surprisingly (NOT) on a cooking show and they were dealing with all my banana bread problems so after the show I looked up and tucked away the recipe so that I could give it a try.  Saturday morning was my try and all I can say is that this is the ultimate banana bread and I now have a recipe where I’m saying I *MUST* make this again.

IMG_7103aThis banana bread has a wonderful banana flavor and is moist without being wet and dense, just a wonderful texture.  If you love a good banana bread I would suggest giving this one a try.  I have posted the recipe over on Cook Lisa Cook and here is the direct link to the Ultimate Banana Bread.



  1. Mmm, looks yummy! I have a favorite banana bread recipe that includes sour cream and chocolate chips - it may as well be cake! (And I have to admit, I agree with Maisie. LOL!)

  2. That looks so yummy. I may have to try it. I hope you had a wonderful birthday and Mother's Day.

  3. Happy Mother's Day! I think that is cute she associates celebrations with cake! I love cake. At our house they only go for white and I am a chocolate girl.

    The banana bread looks fab. You always have good things going on at your house.


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