Thursday, April 14, 2011

The naughty Easter bunny

For about a week some odd things were happening in our house.  Items were mysteriously moving around, all the fingertip towels in the guest bathroom kept being relocated from one towel bar to another, my shoes would be swapped out for others or end up in strange places, Easter eggs would move about the house and little displays of toys would magically appear in odd spots.  Each time I asked Maisie about it she would smile and without a second thought say that it was the Easter bunny being naughty.  I have to say that I’ve been quite impressed that she’s been so creative and has been keeping this prank going for so long without letting on that she’s behind it. 

IMG_6387aFinally I guess the secret got to be too much for Maisie and she let on that she was the one moving everything around and that there was no naughty Easter bunny in our house.  I then asked her if she thought the Easter bunny would bring her lots of candy this year to which she told me that it’s the parents who hide Easter eggs, put out candy and fill Easter baskets for children and that there was no such thing as the Easter bunny.  Hmmmmm, not sure I was ready for that one as I thought she still believed in the Easter bunny.  So just to test the rest of her belief system I asked, “do you think maybe Santa will bring you something?”  to which I got an eye roll and a very exasperated and resounding “of course not Mama, Santa only brings gifts at Christmas.”  I’m telling you, my five year old tells me off and sets me straight all the time!  So, the Easter bunny is a fraud but Santa exists. 


Fourteen days and only one more post to be halfway through my quest to blog each and every day this month as I’m participating in M3’s Spring Fling! 30 posts in 30 days.  A big thank you for all the comments, keep them coming as we love reading them and knowing that you’re enjoying Moments with Maisie.


  1. Maisie is hilarious. I love her little prank on you! I also love how she can poo-poo the EB, but holds fast onto Santa. Maybe it's because Santa is a man and the Easter Bunny is a giant bunny?

  2. Seriously awesome!!! Our ladybug received a letter from the Easter Bunny just the other day. We read the letter together and then looked at the signed photo that came with it. I told her that it was the Easter Bunny's autograph. She reaplid, "Wow, really?!? I didn't even think the Easter bunny was real." I then asked, "Well why not?" She replied, I just thought he was a guy dressed in a suit who worked at the mall." Gotta our girls' logic!

  3. Funny kiddos!!

    Hey did you make those big tissue-paper pom poms in the pic? If so, can you share how to do them? I'd love to make a bunch for our next party.

  4. Love it! That was very creative of her.

  5. Oh how funny that she did a prank like that. I love it! Maisie sure is a cutie in those bunny ears, too. Now, tell me about the pom pom things you have hanging from your ceiling. Did you make those???

  6. That is so funny that she would do that! What a clever little girl.
    Love it!!!

  7. How fun to have a naughty Easter bunny! What a great sense of humor she has and what a relief she still believes in Santa!!

  8. What a fun, creative little girl! Such a cute idea!


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