Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What's the deal??

I swear that the airlines are out to drive me bonkers. On our recent flight to SLC the airline decided to switch my chosen seats so that they had Maisie and I separated by four rows and on opposite sides of the plane. This obviously wouldn't have worked as Maisie wouldn't have sat away from me with strangers, nor would I have allowed it to happen. Online there were still plenty of seats side-by-side so why they made the change is beyond me but thankfully it didn't take long to correct as I could make the changes online. Then about two weeks ago I got an email from British Airways letting me know that our December flight from Atlanta to London had been cancelled. Guess they didn't have enough passengers booked or this is their cost savings plan so they re-booked us two days later with our same return date...yeah thanks. Cut my time in London down by two days, I don't think so. So after a nice long wait and a nice little chat with customer service we're now flying over two days earlier than planned so we get a little extra time there. Then today I get an email regarding our Aruba flight letting me know about a time change, nothing major right? Yeah right! They didn't just change the flight time a little they actually took us off our original flights and put us on different flights. WHY?? Our original flight times changed by a few minutes and we had/have multiple hour layovers so it's not like we're not going to be able to make the connections and here too, there are plenty of available seats on our original flights. So after an hour on the phone with "customer service" we're back on our original flights and all I can do is hope that there are no more major changes and time on the phone with customer service. Okay whinge over.

Maisie is enjoying her final week of gymnastics camp and probably like last year, she'll ask me for months about when she can return to camp telling me how much she loved and misses camp and why can't it be all the time. I'm so happy that she loves it and desires to be there but reminding her that it only happens during summer vacation for months and months gets tiring. Her favorite place is the gym and her twice weekly practice just isn't enough gymnastics to fill her need to be there, but that's how it is until summer camp 2010.

When we were in SLC Maisie just loved using Eliza's Leapster and a few times since we've returned she's played with A's during the drive home from camp. She's been asking for one of her own but I honestly never saw myself buying one of these because I just don't get them and they tend to drive me crazy...trust me, it's a short trip. But I relinquished, found a good sale and got the girl her first hand held gaming system, oh my! I'm telling you the girl loves it and I know that there's an educational aspect to it so it's here. But I do have an ulterior motive with this toy. Since our trip to Florida back in June, I don't think that Maisie has spent an entire night in her own bed and since we returned from SLC she hasn't even wanted to go to bed in her own room so has been sleeping with me. That's where the Leapster comes in and hopefully Maisie understands the new rule. She sleeps in her own bed, all night long and that next day she gets the Leapster. Hopefully this is enough incentive to get her back into her own bed but please send good wishes and keep your fingers crossed that this new plan works, I really need some whirling-dervish-kick-free sleep and Eammon needs to sleep full time in our bed and not the Princess bed!

What else has been going on? We had a nice weekend with fabulous sunny & dry weather so there was a lot of outdoor and pool time which was fun. Saturday I met up with my friend Judy, whom I haven't seen since Maisie's 2 year birthday party. We had a nice brunch together at Cafe Intermezzo and then did a little shopping together. Sunday morning K & A's Mom and I went down to the international farmer's market where we both loaded up on foods, spices and various ingredients from probably twenty different countries so our larders are full. We each bought some prepared Asian foods so that night after an afternoon at the pool we assembled a nice little buffet and had a nice dinner together. While at the market I scored some Rainier cherries for $1.99/lb and oh the pity, I'm the only one who likes them...woohoo I'm in cherry heaven! I also purchased a cantaloupe that was close to the size of a watermelon and it's amazingly sweet and tender so Maisie has been loving it. I've been getting Maisie outfitted with the necessary clothes for school and tomorrow while she's at camp I'm off to purchase her required school supply shopping list. Guess that sums it up for this post, life in our home and with the little gamer Maisie.


  1. Cute!! That sweetie is a gymnastics star.

  2. Ha! I meant to say that the airlines are hideous, just hideous lately. But I got distracted by my two girlies who are going crazy right now. Ciao!

  3. Sorry to hear about all your airline dillemas, hopefully they will all go smoothly when the time comes. That Maisie is one smart cookie!

  4. Glad Maisie has her own Leapster. Imagine how miffed Eliza would be to see that Maisie has a pink one! I'm having flash backs of the Leapster fights!!!

  5. Our daughter loves her Leapster2 also. Her favorite cartridges are the Princess one and the new Kai Lan one. THey are educational. She is learning to write letters on the Princess one. Great for travel. If you don't have a case, look online and buy one. You can also buy the recharger, but when we got it in December they only had a BLUE rechager pack, so it doesn't match the pink Leapster. Oh well. Cheaper than using batteries though. Case comes in handy as you can store the cartridges inside.

  6. Don't get the whole airline thing. You would think since they are losing money they would try to make their customers happy....to me happy means I will fly again.

    Love Maisie, of course. She is so cute! We have never tried a Leapster.

  7. i hear you on the airlines! we just got notice that our txgiving return flight had a slight change - instead of leaving at 8am it now leaves at 6:25am (so NOT happening!) so now we're leaving in a mid-afternoon flight :)

    the le.apster is a life saver in our house. hope your plan works!

  8. I'm with you on not getting all the hype about the gaming systems. Lee has taken that issue into his own hands and made sure the kids have what they need...but we haven't ever had leapster.

    Lately ipods are the it thing around here...imagine Pearl and Grace singing different Hannah Montana songs from the back seat of the van. Kai has learned to shush them!



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