Sunday, July 12, 2009

Oh the price we pay...

For keeping the little girls up wayyyyyy past their bedtime. Even after going to bed after midnight my girl still awoke Saturday at 6:30am. I'm telling you, the girl is out to kill me with her sleep...or lack there of. It was a bit of a rough start to the morning with two cranky little girls but by late morning they were in the back yard running around together splashing in the pool, jumping on the trampoline and being the buff mind you. While the girls were happy and playing I ran over to Cafe Rio to pick up some salads for Tiff and I and then after a quick lunch it was nap time.

The girls decided to sleep together in Tiffany's bed. They talked and giggled for a few minutes but soon were fast asleep.
Solomon too enjoyed his second nap of the day.
And it wasn't just the little ones who were out for the count, Tiff & Beau enjoyed a little snooze too.

After naps we headed over to Tiffany's friend Marji's home for a little pizza and pool party. I never pulled out my camera but another of Tiff's friends Marque, took the pictures I'm posting. The girls were in the pool for four hours, jumping & swimming and having a great time. It was another late night, close to 11PM before we all got into bed and we told Maisie that the rule was, no one out of bed until 8am and I had my fingers crossed that she would last that long. Imagine my surprise when she awoke at 8:11am looked at the clock, put her head back down and then slept until 9:15am!! Ahhhh, the joy of a little rest makes a happy little girl and an even happier Mama!
Eliza is a little fish in the water and has no fear, she was jumping into the deep end with the big girls and just had a blast.
Maisie doing her silly grin.
Eliza is a hoarder collector and the booty of the day were all the swim goggles she could get her hands on.
Nora & Liza
Marque & Solomon

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