Friday, July 17, 2009

Back in the groove

Maisie and I had an easy trip home from SLC. During the flight from SLC to Dallas Maisie ate her snacks, looked out the window and played the entire flight. On the flight from Dallas to Atlanta she slept, from about five minutes after we took off until about three minutes before landing she was out. As soon as we were in the car heading home from the airport Maisie started asking what her neighbor friends K & A were doing and if they were home and could she play with them and what would they do together...on and on until we arrived home and as soon as possible she raced over to ring their bell to see her friends. Unfortunately they all couldn't play together right then but the next morning they were all going to gymnastics camp together and that thought alone sustained Maisie through the night. It's great to be home but we are missing our SLC friends and can't wait until the next time we are together again.

Wednesday morning I had to do the almost unheard of task of waking Maisie up for camp as her poor little body was still two hours behind on Utah time. She got a full nights rest but the time change messed her up a bit. Maisie was totally psyched because I would be taking her, K & A to camp in one car and she just loved that idea so even though she was still tired she was up and running within minutes.

This morning K & A's Dad had to run out early so the kids came over and joined Maisie for breakfast and they came bearing their toothbrushes so after breakfast brushing their teeth became a group activity! I then took them all to camp where they had a FABU day. While the kids were at camp I went off and did a little school shopping for Maisie and as you can see from the piccie, the theme for Maisie this year is Kai-Lan. I of course only did the fun school shopping as I didn't have the required school supply list with me so that will have to be a trip on another day. Maisie's so excited to start school and use all her new things and I can't believe that there's only four weeks left to summer before school starts. I can't believe how fast the summer break is passing. We did three week long vacations and Maisie's had three weeks of gymnastics camp already and she was home for almost two weeks before any of that began...but still, where has the time gone?


  1. Glad you gals are back in town. Sounds like you had a fantastic time. All that Kai Lan stuff is adorable!

  2. I'm SO sorry I missed you two while you were here! Sending you BIG hugs and lots of love!!

  3. Anonymous6:31 PM

    Where did you get the Kai Lan stuff?

    P. S. Enjoyed your travels with Maisie. April enjoyed her visit to Long Island a few weeks ago.

  4. Glad you made it home and back in the swing of "real" life! Love the new school supplies! That's the best part about going back to school!

  5. I LOVE those Ni Hao Kai-Lan items. Maisie is one lucky little girl. Congrats on her starting school soon...

  6. It is kinda nice to be back in the grovve huh? We just bought a Kai Lan shirt.

  7. Ooh, we need to go school shopping! I love the Kai-lan stuff, but I'm not sure that I have anyone who will go for it- maybe Grace...but I might have better luck with Pearl :)



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